DVD Decryptor won't make 8x burns (G05/3500A)

I select 8x and it says it’s defaulting to 4x. Alcohol 120% worked at 8x as does NERO.

Have you tried the latest version of DVD Decryptor?

The log always state that that the burn begins at 4x.
Which is normal, than it progresses to 6x and than to 8x speed burning.


If I select 8x it says something about chosen write speed is 8x, but it can’t be supported so it defaults to 4x.

If I choose “MAX” then it gets up to 6x but never over.

BTW: I’m using stock firmware, newest version of DVD-D. and 8x DOES work on Alcohol and NERO. I tried Alcohol last night to make sure 8x does work. NERO has before, but I didn’t want to “waste” another disc.