DVD Decryptor & Windows 2000?

I have 3 computers at home and 2 of them run Windows 2000 and rip great with DVDD. I just upgraded the last one to Windows 2000 and I can’t seem to rip faster than 4.7x. Dma is enabled and there are no other programs active and my transfer rate is 34. My CPU usage goes crazy and that seems to be the issue but why?? I even tried running with an aspi interface but still no changes. I reinstalled my old hard drive with Windows 98SE and everything is great. The
board is a Soyo K7V Dragon+. Any suggestions would be appreciatted, I really
don’t want to reinstall Win98SE with my new Seagate 160gb but I will if that is the only wat.
Thanks, Budzos

Try not “upgrading” but rather reinstalling Win2000 fresh. My apologies if you’ve already done this…

It could still be DMA, make sure everything is set ok in the BIOS. Or it could be lousy drivers or you might need a firmware flash on the drive or the motherboard. Basically make sure EVERYTHING is up to date.

Yes I actually installed Windows 2000 on a fresh new hard drive, The bios on the board is the latest and the drive firmware is the latest, I think it a driver issue but I can’t seem to find any conflicts. I will continue with this for awhile and if I bothered enough by it I will
reformat the hard drive and install 98SE. I like burning ISO images and that was the reason for the upgrade along with getting rid of the tiny hard drive I had.
Thanks for the suggestions, Budzos