Dvd Decryptor w/dvd dvd shrink and nero 7

My kids destroy my dvds, especially their own. I’ve had to replace them several times. I’m new to the world of backing up my dvd’s and i have some questions.

I have an alien pc, 3.2ghz, 1 mg ram, dvd player, and a new sony 830 dvd recorder that i got for xmas.

i have a new version of dvd shrink, nero 7 , and dvd decryptor. can anyone please im me or respond as to how or where i can find a tutorial on what to use first and how to go about backing up my dvds properly. :bow:

You dont need dvd shrink if you have nero 7. Dvd shrink was written by the same person that originally wrote nero recode and they are very similar programs (they do the same thing) though I’m guessing nero has had a little more put into it as it is pay software. Shrink is popular as it is the best free software.

Put your dvd that you are copying in the drive.
start dvd decryptor. It should find the dvd on its own (the drive that has the movie should come up in the source and several files wil apear in the right window (all files will be selected, if they are not, select them). If the source is wrong, change it to the drive where you have your movie.
The destination should be something like c:\starwars\video_ts where starwars will be replaced with the name of your movie. Remember this location.
click the button that looks like a disk/arrow/drive
it will run and rip the movie to your hard drive, removing copy protection, when done, close dvd decryptor.

start nero startsmart, and find the copy entire dvd-video icon and click it.
Click import dvd and find the video_ts folder that dvd decryptor created on your hard drive (not the one on the actual disk, the one on the hard drive) and click ok. It should run through a quick analysis.
Make sure dvd-5 is selected as the fit to target size for a single layer blank disk.
click next till you get to the last screen where it lets you select the destination. Insert a blank dvd and select the burner as the destination, and select burn speed.
Click burn. It will take a little while to encode, and then it will burn it. That should be it.
Be aware, dvd decryptor is no longer updated. It will do most movies but not some of the newer ones as they have more advanced copy protection. If dvd decryptor fails, consider ripit4me or dvd fab decryptor (free) or anydvd to get past the copy guard. The first two will copy like dvd decryptor. Anydvd will do that or just let you use the original disk as the source in nero because it runs in the background and removes the protection (there will be a video_ts folder on the actual original dvd).

Hope that helps.

Great post Ripit. Happy New Year to you.:clap:

Thanks alot for the nice reply. Couple of follow up questions for you:

  1. should i use the same drive the entire time, meaning my sony 830 external, or can i use the internal dvd drive in my alienware and then the 830 to burn?,

  2. when you say the destination should be something like c:starwars\video_ts; do i have to make a folder somewhere to put all the files?, i’m assuming that this is the destination where my ripped files will go correct?,


It really doesn’t matter which drive(s) you use. you can read from one and burn on the other or just use the same drive. One thing to note though, external drives can be more problematic, mainly with speed issues, and in particular with 16x burns (just realized that your internal is just a player, not a burner so you can read from either and burn on the sony external). Since your burner is prebuilt with an enclosure (not an internal put into an enclosure), I would think it would be setup right for full speed burning (use firewire if available over usb for high speed burns).

About the files. A dvd contains a folder called video_ts that contains all the files. It may also contain a folder called audio_ts. the audio_ts folder is only there for compatibility reasons (compatible with the original dvd standard) and it not nessasary. It usally doesn’t contain any files. It may or may not even be there.
You do not have to make the folder, dvd decryptor or other programs will do that for you and automatically put the files in the right place when you rip. Dvd decryptor basically makes a folder named the same as what the disk identifies itself as (usally the movie title), and puts a video_ts folder in that folder (same as you would find on the dvd). On the dvd decryptor screen, it should show where it is being saved (the name of the movie/folder that it will create).
Just run dvd decryptor and it will create the nesasary folders and copy the files (removing copy protection) to the right location for other programs to use.
when you run nero, and click import dvd, look for the folder that dvd decryptor created (named after the movie), then go down to the video_ts folder. You do not have to select any particular file, you select the entire video_ts folder to work with. When the video_ts folder is highlighted, click ok to continue.


Thanks alot my friend. I’m gonna give it a shot tonight and see what happens. One thing i just realized during your last post. When I tried to back up my first time, i got an audio_ts and a video_ts on the disc itself and didn’t know what to do with it. Can i now take these folders from this disc and burn them to a new one? Do you think the video_ts saved on this is saved on my hard drive. I used 1 click dvd copy and dvd 43 when i did this.

I’m not to farmiliar with these programs (havent used them that is), but if you have a video_ts folder that contains all the correct files, on disk or hard drive, you can just go to that video_ts folder as if it were a dvd when using nero. Many programs that copy dvd’s delete files after use (unless you specifically select to save them), so there is no telling if they are still on your hard drive or not. The exception of course is ripping programs like dvd decryptor that are specifically designed to copy them to the hard drive. You might want to go into the options on those programs and see what they were using as a temporary working folder and see what is there. It might just be easier to rerip with dvd decryptor though is it doesn’t take very long to rip (depends in part on the read speed of the drive, some are riplocked so that they can only read comercial disks slowly). If you have a working, playing dvd that was created by another program that you want to copy (one that has already had the copy protection removed during the original copy), just use the copy dvd icon in nero as it is substantially faster. the reason that you use nero recode (the copy entire dvd video option) when copying from and original, is that the original is dual layer and can be over 8 gig, where a single layer disk only holds 4.3gig or there abouts. Nero recode compresses it to fit the smaller disk, but if it is already compressed and copy protection is already removed, a simple disk copy is faster.

My brain is spinning. :confused: I think I’ll let skip trying to rerip the disc and all. I will get back to you tomorrow to see if i was able to get a successful back up with your other helpful info. :bow:


When i’m ready to burn it says disc required for compilation: DVD R/RW, DVD R DL, AND DVD-RAM. Does DVD R/RW mean the same as DVD + RW?

Except for some Video DVD fwith newly Sony protection the DVDShrink + Nero is the best and easiest combination to be use for backing up your DVDs.