DVD decryptor problems i think

When i use my decryptor it iwll read a rate of up to like 6.2 then all of a sudden would drop down to a read rate of 0.0. Then my burner will stop running. About 2 min. after that it says that dvd decryptor is not responding.

I did get a new mother board installed if that has anything to do with this problem.

I alrady unistalled the and reinstalled dvd decrytor. I reinstalled the older version of dvd decryptor to see if it would work but with no luck.

Please help.

I am using a External Sony DRX-700UL burner.

thanks everyone

If it occurs at the exact same point when ripping the same DVD, it might just be a very deep scratch that DVD Decrypter chokes on. Bad, bad read errors cause the optical drive to drop down to a very slow speed while trying to read through it. Usually there is an error message, but stranger things have happened.