DVD Decryptor I/O errors



I am a new newbie getting overwhelmed in my search for knowledge. I have a Samsung H552B burner. Trying to burn DVD9 to DVD9 using ISO. Was able to create ISO to my HD, but get various I/O errors when burning back to my DVD+R DL. Using Fuji +R DL.
I will create another coaster if a particular error message is needed, but I have been getting more than on different burn attempts. Help?


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There are two problems:

  1. You are using a low quality disc. Currently only Verbatim makes reliable DL discs.

  2. DVD decrypter is not more updated, so it’s better to use an updated version of the burning engine of decrypter, i.e. ImgBurn.

I suggest to buy some verbatim media and then use ImgBurn to write ISO files on the disc :slight_smile:


Thanks. I had tried ImgBurn. The resulting file was only 400K as opposed to 7 GB when I made the ISO from Decrypter. When I try to use Img Burn to burn the 7GB created from Decrypter, it says Blank Writable Non Useable in the drop down.


hmm that’s strange. I still think that the media is causing the problem. Try with a Verbatim: currently these are the better DL discs available.


You could try reripping the DVD with RipIt4Me -> DVD Decrypter. Maybe somthing wasn’t copied correctly. I do it in ISO mode for ease or use.

Then try burning that back in ImgBurn on a Verbatim DL disk.