DVD Decryptor / DVDShrink /Nero 6 Ultra Edition & Sony Vegas 2.0 Questions


I think I got DVD Decryptor figured out.
…The book type (my DVD Burner is LITEON 401S) is probably what my problem was with the Sony DVD NS725P (plays +/- R) for that standalone DVD player couldn’t read what the DVD drive on the PC could.

DVD Shrink kept coming up with memory access problems…I’ll figure that out later

The reason I’m here.

Sony Vegas (used to be Sonic Foundry) Vegas 2.0

Could that wittle Sony toy BURN a disc that’s been decrypted and shrunk?

I mean, would it read the

VIDEO_TS Folder contents?

Video TS.BUP
Video TS.IFO
Video TS.VOB

Anybody try? I’ve not tried that yet.

I went and got Ahead Nero 6 Ultra Edition and put in the patches, I’ve just got to reboot.

Let me get this straight.

Run through DVD Decryptor
Go via DVD Shrink
…shrink will prime it for Nero?

Do I just select both Audio_TS and Video_TS, the folders themselves or do I open the folders and insert?

…Sony told me that the standalone DVD player (listed above) will not read .MPG
…at least on DVD
I know it will with VCD, I watched the Queen Christmas 1975 special.

ANY easy tutorials?

Any programs that are a “all in one” kinda thing that will do all of the above?

…Any new DVD players that will read DVD +/- R’s? Under $100?



is there a CDFreaks email group?