Dvd Decryptor and my external case conflicting



I am using a nec 3500 with a ams venus usb2 external case. For some reason dvd drcrypt wont detect the drive. It shows my internal cd drive on my laptop but not the nec drive I am looking to use to backup dvds. On the pulldown menu at the top of the main dvd decrypt I can not get the external drive to appear. Any ideas?? I installed Force ASPI but that had no effect. Any ideas? My rip times with dvdshrink take about an hour and a half and i was told using something like dvd decrypt may help that out. Other program suggestions would be great aswell.



Adaptec ASPI doesnt detect USB / Firewire drives.

If you can, use another of the I/O interfaces.

If you’re running XP, you should be on SPTI anyway and not ASPI!


ya it was a stupid post. problem fixed. now all i need is to figure out how to get it to rip faster.