Dvd Decryptor Acting Funny!



Why is it everytime I’m trying to back up my .iso (dvd image) in DVD DeCRYPTOR it always writes in .7x, even though I change the write setting speed to 4x. I have a maddog external 16x burner, and i’m using fuji film 8x dvd+r. I set the write to 4x, but when it starts writing it writes at .7x. It’s weird. Any suggestions.


Grab WNASPI32.dll from Nero (C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\WNASPI32.dll) and place it in your System32 directory (C:\Windows\System32).
Open up DVD Decrypter, Tools --> Settings --> I/O --> ASPI --> Save


Thanks, but i already have the wnaspi32.dll in that folder.


Just switch interface to ASPI then.


What do you mean by that, Dizzy.


Open up DVD Decrypter, Tools --> Settings --> I/O --> ASPI --> Save



When I do that what happens is my external maddog 16x burner won’t show up as one of the burners under the destination pull down.


Uhm, that’s odd. It should work :confused:


I use dvd decrypter to rip my iso files but not to burn them… Get the new version of nero, there is an option under the “copy and backups” tab called “burn image to disc”. Then you can use what ever speed you want