Dvd decryption

Hi still finding my way arround the world of decryption software. Just been trying to decrypt a disc I own with “dvd shrink 3.2” but 78% in I get the following message “data error (cyclic redundancy check)” any suggestions or explanations what this means or how to get round this?


Usually it means that there’s an unreadable sector. Usually, that’s because the disc is dirty, scratched or otherwise in less than mint condition (though sometimes it will be because the disc has some form of structural protection - e.g. ARcoSS; and sometimes it’s just that the disc has been poorly mastered).

Give the disc a thorough cleaning before trying again. If it fails again with Dvd Shrink, try ripping first with Dvd Decrypter with its default settings altered so as to ignore read errors.

Let us know how you get on.


The same error is happening with me. I have on LG 4163b DVD-RW. It’s not all DVDs this occurs. I updated its firmware to 105 but the error persists. I also made this test: I got a LG 4160 DVD-RW and I plugged into my PC. This driver decrypted the DVD perfectly. I plugged my LG 4163b into a other PC and it didn’t decrypt the DVD. Then, I suppose the problem is with the hardware (LG 4163b). I already tried DVD Decrypter (latest version), DVD Clone, DVD Shrink, NeroVision, but no software can read it.
What I still couldn’t figure out is why some DVD-9 discs this driver reads perfectly and some doesn’t.
The error is as appears in http://www.nautilus.com.br/~jcorrea/dvderror.jpg .
If anyone knows how to solve this problem, I’ll be thankfull sooo much! :wink: