DVD decrypters

Out of the freeware decrypters:DVD decrypter,DVD shrink and DVD43 is there one that stands out?Are there any other free decrypters?How do the free versions compare with the pay versions? Thanks

In the list you posted is missing DVDFab Decrypter, also free.

Out of the freeware ones Dvdfab Decrypter and Ripit4me are probably the best since they’re still being updated. Sometimes with pay versions you get better tech support.

RipIt4Me is a front end for DVD Decrypter that handles the updated copy protections. I think it’s the best out there right now. It can be downloaded here:


First, I would install DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink on your system. Then head over to that link and download the RipIt4Me installer, which will take care of the rest. Once that is done, you just start up RipIt4Me and use the wizard to walk you through the process. It works great and will even open up DVD Shrink for you at the end of the process if you wish so you can re-author or what not.

I have used DVDFab Decrypter and like it fine, but think RipIt4Me is cool cause it walks you through the whole process, from ripping to running FIXVTS to clean the thing all up and then loading the vid into DVD Shrink so you can tweak it. Nice.