DVD Decrypter

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone can provide any info to my problem.
I am trying to decrypt a DVD and it seams to have trouble reading one file.
It tries about 20 times and gives up?

Can anyone help me?


Clean the disc
Read it in another drive
Get another copy of it.

hmmm… is the disk scratched? if so try claning it with toothpaste, aso you say it “gives up”, does it have any error messages? is it says about crc then it is a damged disk, have you tried any other ripping software i.e. DVDShrink? or you could try using AnyDVD to remove the protection (if it has one) and then copy the contents of the dvd to the hard drive.

ben :slight_smile:

Yes there are a few scratches !!!

Is anydvd available as freeware or must it be purchased?

Is DVD Decrypter the best software to use?


Software is only as useful as the drive itself. If the drive cant read the disc, it cant read the disc.
There isnt much that software can do.

The program has already retried the sector 20 times, I think you can safely assume it’s just not readable!

buying anydvd will probibly cost you more than buying a new copy of the dvd. i doubt different software will do a better job, however you could try making a copy using blindwrite 5 and anydvd (anydvd to decrypt, blindwrite to copy) and then burn to dvd-r and then rip again using dvd decrypter, but as it is probibly bigger than a 4.7GB standerd dvd-r it would need shrinking first (unless you have a dual layer drive) so the best i can suggest is to just try giving the disk a really good clean.

ben :slight_smile:

Thats the best and cheapest advise given, always works for me. Dont waste your time buying Anydvd, it will NOT copy your disk any better then DVD Decrypter.

How would you clean it with toothpaste? Do you just rub a little on with a paper towel then wash off with another wet paper towel?

It is possible, that the disc has a copy protection AnyDVD 4 knows to handle, which DVDDecrypter doesn’t (“Urmel aus dem Eis” featuring PuppenLock 2 is an example for this).
In this case trying AnyDVD might indeed help. It will not help, if the DVD is scratched, of course.
Unfortunately the original poster didn’t tell us, which disc he is trying to copy.

Yep, just put a small dob directly onto the scratch, use the traditional white variety not the clear gell type. I then use a soft tissue and rub it in a circular motion for a while, then just wipe off the residue with the rest of the tissue.

@olli, my understanding is Anydvd 4 is still beta so I would not recommend it to anyone. Ver 3.x (current stable retail version) is unable to copy the protections your talking about and is no better than DVD Decrypter.

Now I was under the assumption that the new “Structure Protection” incorporated in the latest Decrypter ( was the same as this protection you mentioned, @Olli? If not, the symptoms sure sound the same.

The symptoms sound the same, but they are different protections.
And, there are even more (let’s call it Puppenlock 3?) featuring multiple rings in the main title.