DVD Decrypter

please can anyone help if you rip a DVD. Film only mode with DVD Decrypter to a folder called VIDEO_TS and then it is small enough with out Transcoding it how do you burn it back to dvd as when i add the VIDEO_TS folder to nero ver it says this dvd will not be readable but if i run it through dvd2one it lets me burn it fine i dont see the point in putting it throw dvd2one if it dont need to be what i,m i doing wrong

thanks for any help

are you burning a dvd video in nero?

yes i am using nero and it comes up and says DVD-video files compliance test failed


If the DVD is under 4.37gig in size, then with DVD Decrypter just rip it in ISO mode (hit R) then write it back (hit W), its as simple as that, Nero not needed.