DVD Decrypter

I noticed this app on the front page and I’m wondering; how does this compare to SmartRipper? Is it better, worst, or pretty much the same?

in my exsperiance there isnt much differnce. I seem to prefer DVD decrypter becouse of the easyer layout of the program.
Smart ripper automaticly selects the movie, witch can be handy if your only ripping the movie… if not and you want things like the menu, then smartripper becomes somewhat irritating.
Also the choise if you want the movie ripped in files (.IFO) of reMUXED (m2v) is easyer in DVD decrypter.
For me its DVD decrypter, but they both get the job done.


P.S soory if my english isnt perfect.

Thanks, I think I’ll try DVDD later. You’re english is fine, just a few spelling errors. :slight_smile:

|Sinista| Thanks for the info. Your English is fine. Just to let you know, leagle is spelled legal.

I find DVDDecrypter supperior to all outher ripping tools i have tried. Vstrip might be better handling authoring errors (at least b4) but its not as userfriendly.

You can set DVDd to automaticly select the movie to, in settings.

a big pro with DVDd is the possibility to rip in iso mode and also burn .iso. img and a few more image formats

I have Clad, SR and Vstrip installed to but it was a long time since i last used them. DVDdecrypter is the one if you ask me