Dvd decrypter

i have a question and need some help. i have used dvd decrypter for a year and there have been times when i have ripped a movies and i wouldnt work on any of my video converters. recently i have bought the star wars dvds and im having the same problem. the movie rips but i wont convert on any fo tha coverters and the dvds are new…so if anyone can help me with this problem thank you

8129920000 welcome to the forum. Well to start with dvd decryptor is not updated any more and not able to handle the dvd’s. Get yourself the free dvdfab hd decryptor wich is updated all the time. Also what converters are you using and what are you trying to do with the movei

DVDDecrypter has been outdated for a while now as a decryption/ripping program. It still works for the majority of titles, but newer protection schemes are beyond its abilities to rip properly. If you are looking for a free replacement, the only option now is DVDFab HD Decrypter. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

Be aware that as you use the free section of this program you are using up the 30 day trial of the complete program. After that trial is up, the free decrypter/ripper will still work, but the advanced options will not.

Another option is to buy AnyDVD. It works in the background and you can use DVDDecrypter in conjuction with it if you like. Or use the built-in ripper. It is still being updated, and is very effective.

i have been using any video converter and jodix free ipod converter. i am trying to put the dvds on to my ipod

I have no need for mobile so unable to help you for that but someone will post and help you out with mobile