Dvd Decrypter

I have had Dvd Decrypter for some time. I also have Pc edit, how do I get them to work in conjunction with each other. I did it once a long time ago, but can’t remember the process.

Visit PgcEdit homepage;

BTW, PgcEdit and ImgBurn is better combo, linky

Umm! nevermind
I’m trying now and as I said it’s been a while…
:iagree: with pinto…

no wonder i drink…sigh

I have Imgburn, but it only burns, whereas Dvd Decrypter decodes. I went to the link you gave me but I couldn’t find the process that would incorporate the togethe and work as one program. Are you familiar with how it is done?

IMGBurn also has read option. But you may have to get AnyDVD for decrypter

There is a version of Shrink that uses IMGBurn …but IMO if you want a 1-click proggy that AFAIK is awesome try DVDFab platinum, w/30 day free trial…
But before I purchased Plat, the method that worked for me was DVDFab decrypter> DVDRB (for DVD-5 size and best quality IMO) >IMGBurn…
Shrink and DVDD still use up space in my tool box,but for new flicks they are outdated…
Not bashing as I stated I keep them cus they are great tools!..