DVD decrypter

When using the software “DVD decrypter”, which copys a CSS and region free image of the DVD onto the hard drive, the following message appears when trying to decrypt a region 2 DVD in a region 1 hardware player:

The slower “brute force” decryption method will be used due to region incompatibility bewteen the DVD and the hardware player

When I have CSS+RegionFree running in hte background, this message still appears. Does CSS+RegionFree not make the DVD appear region free to the decrypter software ?
I am asking because since CSS+RegionFree won’t kill the CSS when I try to copy to double layer blanks, I am still decrypting the old-fashioned way.

In my experience this error is due to a drive not set to a particular region, aka a brand new drive.

What region is your drive? Try to set to your region, and this error should be corrected.