DVD Decrypter

Hi, I have a NEC 3500 DVD Writer. Im trying to copy a dvd which is 8.1gb in size. I have copied the imag using DVD decrupter to my hdd. When I try to write to it I get the following error messages.

‘IO error’ ‘Cannot write medium, impotabible format’.

The medium that imusing is Traxdata DVD +R DL 8.5gb. I have tried another disk and the same erro message appears.

Any ideas?

Could be incompatible media. Upgrade firmware to the latest 2.18 or 2.FC. You should also try Verbatim DL media. This one should work.

When I got this error message I was using wrong mode in DVD D. Did you press the right key first? (Ie. “I” or one of the other mode-keys)

still doesnt work.