DVD decrypter/will it work on newer drives...?

Hi…as it will not be updated in the future (a sad loss)…

will it still work with newer drives as they are released…?
or does the drive not matter…?

or will it be limited to the drives it worked with up until the last release…?



That’s a good question. If it uses drive specific table entries to burn, it probably won’t support newer drives. If it burns according to what it reads in the firmware of a drive, it might work forever as long as no one changes the structure/format of the entries in the drive firmware.
I would think it should read/rip with no problems in either case?

Yes. (It will not support future standards, of course) As do all other “well designed” applications. CloneDVD and CloneCD come into mind. Nero, Roxio and some others should take lessons.

That’s good news…Thanks for the info Olli…
while I’ve got your attention,I will be using Anydvd with decrypter…thanks for producing a great program…keep up the good work…keep them updates coming as they bring out new encryptions! especially the UK DVD releases.


Olli (wink wink) doesn’t write AnyDVD (nudge nudge) don’t you know? It’s written by Slysoft, a company which has no affiliation (wink nudge wink) with Elby. :wink:

(say no more…)

I understand :wink: