DVD Decrypter vs DVD Shrink


I tried using DVD Decrypter to make backup copies of several of my commercially pressed DVDs. I have a number of baby entertainment videos that our toddler was trashing so I decided that it would be best to store the originals and turn her loose on the copies.

I found that the DVDs that I ripped with DVD Decrypter would jump or freeze when played back on my stand-alone Sony DVD player. Additionally, the audio was very low, requiring us to turn the volume all the way up on the TV.

After a lot of fruitless troubleshooting I discovered that I could acheive the same results with DVD Shrink that I was doing with DVD Decrypter - that is extract the main movies (eliminating all the intros and commercials) and burn the main movie to a DVD+R (which I bitset to DVD-ROM). I was happy to discover that the copies I made with DVD Shrink did not jump or freeze and the audio level was the same as the original.

Have you had a similar experience with DVD Decrypter? Can you tell me what you did to resolve the problems that you encountered?


Bob Shem

What speed did you burn the DVD’s @? Try somthing slower e.g 2/4x and a DVD RW


No, decrypter works fine nothing wrong with it for me. How can you just use decryptor alone on pressed movies? It does not compress or resize. Are you ripping with decryptor to harddrive then using shrink to resize? So I guess we are not following you. Anyways, I do not think it is decryptor that is your issue, more that your dvds you burn to are having issues with your sony. What burner are you using?

also if your using shrink alone what software are you using to burn the titles?

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I don’t see how DVD Decrypter could have been responsible for these problems.

How can you just use decryptor alone on pressed movies?

The main movie on each of the baby entertainment videos are only a gig or two in size, so no compression was necessary.

if your using shrink alone what software are you using to burn the titles?

I use Nero (the latest two versions) to create a disk image and then I burn at the rated speed of my 8X Japanese FujiFilm (TY 002) DVD+Rs bitset with my Mad Dog (NEC 3500A) to DVD-ROM. Just for good measure I have burned some of the copies at 4X.

using dvd decrypter alone shouldn’t have any affect on freezing (which is typically a burning/media quality problem) nor audio volume, so any reproducible problems you’re having with it are very strange indeed. not to say that i don’t believe you’re experiencing these problems, but it’s pretty much impossible that the cause of them would be dvd decrypter. what exactly are the steps you’re taking with dvd decrypter that’s causing these problems?

It might be that the problems that I had with DVD Decrypter may have been caused by beta firmware or beta bitsetting software, see this thread:


After reviewing the two threads I posted (one on ripping software and one on hardware) I am not sure if the jumpy video/freezing problems are software or hardware related. However, since encountering the problem I have reverted my DVD burner back to ‘factory’ Mad Dog firmware and ‘factory’ bitsetting.

I guess that I need to give DVD Decrypter another shot to see if reverting my software and firmware to a ‘non-beta’ factory version is the cure.

It would be interesting to get @LIGHTNING UK!'s input on this issue!!

All this aside I can say that it probably is more a compatability issue between the NEC 3500 beta fw and your Sony player. I have a hell of a time with my NEC 3500 with beta fw using bitsetting and my sony dvd player (skips and pauses). Running a BLER scan showed the disk had some PIF spikes above 4 (FAQ), apperantly the Sony player can not handle any PIF error above 4. I threw the sony player in the trash (not really sold it on ebay :stuck_out_tongue: ), and replaced it with a new JVC player that also plays DIVX. Do not have any issues anymore with playback. :cool: I am not a real big fan of Sony DVD players.

Like the others I think this is most likely a hardware issue.

I wanted to know how to set the speed with dvd shrink 3.2 and waht does automatics, custom, and custom ratio mean??? I also have the same problem were it skips and freezes. It really sucks!!! Can you pls help??? I dont kno what to do??? Should i use different software or what???


No. DvdShrink is fine. Just use better quality media.

Btw, next time please do not expect a reply in less than 1 minute.