Dvd decrypter very slow

hi everyone
i have been searching this forum for hours trying to find an answer to my problem … i am not really sure what is going on …

but last weekend i opened dvd decrypter and it told me there was a new version available and asked if i wanted to download it … i was using version and it asked me if i wanted to download … i said ok and it took me to the website dvdidle.com/free.htm … so i download the version that was up there … which was 3.0.3.X not sure what the last number was … after the install i ran ccleaner and after i ran ccleaner it asked me if i wanted to enable DMA … i told it i did. i rebooted my machine and every since then whenever decrypting a DVD to my HD both my external and internal it takes about 2.5 hours to run through the process. before i installed this it took about 25-30 minutes. so i said ok that is fine i will uninstall this version and install the old version that i had … it still is doing the same thing … taking forever to decrypt … i pulled up my task manger and whenever i am decrypting my svchost.exe is running at close to 100% …

also i have an external dvd burner that i hooked up to my machine to see what it does … and it takes the same amount of time to decrypt …

i have ran ccleaner since
my avg scan
i have ran registry mechanic
i have tried to change my dma settings using this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

i am at a loss as to how to fix this …
i had been using the version since may and had never had a problem

the only problem that i can see with my machine that i dont know how to fix is this … (file attached) if you look where it says transfer mode i have selected “dma if available” i have selected that and rebooted and it still says in the current transfer mode box “pio mode” i think this is my problem but i am not sure …

if anyone could help that would be great …
if you can save me from having to reformat that would be excellent …

Hi nostawydoc and welcome to cdfreaks,

I’m guessing from your post that you’ve tried only resetting the DMA mode…and yes this is your problem and no, don’t reformat.
Also, not to be picky, but things get confusing…you installed dvdFABdecrypter and not dvddecrypter.

To complicate this, you may have exceeded the six CRC errors in xp and the os may have stepped down your transfer mode.
You need to uninstall your optical drives - your os is xp, right?
(the more details you provide, the easier this becomes for us to help… :wink:
Anyway, try this.
Uninstall both drives from device manager both on dvd/cd-rom drives and the IDE controller. (You may have to physically unplug the drives as well, but try this first). Reboot and let xp reinstall.

Hope this helps and let us know…

Ok …

I am sorry i left some details out

Yes i am using DVD Fab Decrypter …
XP is my OS …

I will try this and let you know … thanks for your quick reply

You’re very welcome and no need to apologize…I didn’t mean to yell… :flower:

If you feel comfortable editting your registery there is a way to prevent DMA from reverting back to PIO. I think it is posted somewhere on CDFreaks, but I know it is on another trusted forum. If you want to try it let me know and I’ll help find it.


I am very comfortable editing my registry …
Is there ever a reason why i wouldn’t want my settings set to DMA?

PS … I am a very advanced user on computers …
This is killing my pride to even post something on this forum.

none that come to mind…

I’d be dead many times over… :bigsmile:

Here’s a decent link re: editing your registry:


I screwed up the quotes…brain faster than fingers?..or brain just too damn old…?

maineman … you are a genius

who do i make the check out too?

Actually, if you would be willing to write a note to my wife, simply stating that I’m not horribly slow and stupid (not much I can do about “old”…hehehe), we’ll call it even… :iagree:

Seriously, glad you’re back up and running smoothly… :clap:

I actually think it is faster than it has ever been before …
On a side note do you think it is because i installed 3.0.3.x or my machine just messed up?

I’d say your system was screwed up.

Thanks maineman, this helped me as well. Was wondering why things were all the sudden ripping and burning so slow. Running the VB Script from the page you linked to solved the problem.

All is speedy again! :clap:


Glad to hear it helped.

I tried the fix where you go through the device manager and change the IDE channels from PIO to DMA if available. It worked for the first DVD burner, which is the crappy one, but not the good one. It shows up as DMA if available, but after many restarts, it says currently using PIO. Any ideas?

Did you delete the IDE channels as well? This should do the trick. You may have to delete the primary and the secondary channel to be successful, depending on your setup. Delete both and let windows reinstall.

I tried uninstalling both IDE controllers. Still no love. The good DVD burner is stuck in PIO even though it is set to DMA if available. Please help. Hour long ripping is killing me.

Sorry. IDE channels, not controllers.

Try going to the link provided by Maineman earlier in this post http://winhlp.com/WxDMA.htm. There is a vbs script you can download and run. This worked for me and sounds like you are having a similar issue.

I was looking at the script earlier. How and where do you run it?

I just downloaded it to my desktop and ran it from there. I also kept it there in case I need to run it again. Hopefully I wont.