DVD Decrypter Tutorial?


I know that alot of ppls like the program DVD Decrypter :iagree: so I was just wondering if LIGHTNING UK can come out with a guide/tutorial for use to create DVD Decrypter ourselves. In a sence LIGHTNING UK is not breaking any laws because like hackers, they put out guides and software for ppls but they say “it is for educational purpose only” :disagree: . Does anyne thinks this will work :bow:

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Have you read this

Not sure if it’s what your looking for.

If you are meaning a guide on how to create your own version of DVDDecrypter, I am sure that it would be over the head of the majority of people of these forums (myself included). I used to code PASCAL, Assembly and C++ many years ago - but I wouldn’t even dream that I know enought to recreate a complex bit of software such as Lightning or Olli from Elby has achieved.

Yo Bjproc,

i gave that link a quick glance, but i dont think that is what iam looking for. What i mean is to write a guide not how to use, but to CREATE the program.

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What u are saying is ture, I dont even know that 1st ting for creating anything :sad: . What I was hoping was that someone in like china can get his/her hands on this guide (hopfully a PRO) so that s/he can create it an then push it back out cuz in china, laws are that as strong u can even say that the laws dont apply :bigsmile: .

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@ babychar2002,

Perchance did you ever read LIGHTNING UK! posting concerning the end of DVD Decrypter.

LIGHTNING UK! posting stated “I’m no longer permitted to provide any sort of assistance with anything that helps people infringe the rights of “a certain company”. That means, no more emails, no more forum posts, no PM"s, no nothing! END OF STORY.”

So I don’t think you are going to ever see LIGHTNING UK! release anything along the lines you are suggesting.

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sry, missread your post :o

That is just messed up :a

thats ok :iagree:

if some one is going to write a program like DVD Decrypter they don’t need a guide or source code on how to do it they can work it out them selves by using Reverse Engineering on DVD Decrypter

Maybe some one already has and it’s already happening !

If so I cant want for the up-dated new version of it :iagree: