DVD Decrypter & "The Order" issues (pic attached)

I had no luck with dvd shrink both version 3.2 and 3.17 etc… so I used dvd decrypter to extract all files to video ts folder and then reauther with dvd shrink. this sometimes works with dvd’s that have copy protection but not this time.

can anyone tell me what this means and how I can get around it using dvd shrink or decrypter? thanks.

Decrypter Error

EDIT: I just realized the screen shot was for another movie “princess warrior” and it looks like the same exact problem I have with “the order”. so I just remembered that this has happened to me before.

The picture you have is write error on the media. You are burning an ISO file, at this point there are no longer protection issues, as those issues should have been handled during the ripping and the authoring. The final burnt DVD might have copy protection issues on playback, but your picture is write error. Might be bad media, bad burner, bad IDE interface, etc.

I got around this just fine using DVD Shrink V3.1. (what was out when the movie was first released). It could be that you have a factory defective original or one of the things listed in the above post.

actually this happens when Dvd decrypter is trying to “read” the dvd and rip the files into the video_ts folder. Also dvd shrink can not finish it’s initial analysis and it gives me the below error.

DVD Shrink Error

I’ve been told to rip the whole dvd on to my HD and then have Shrink open the video_ts folder and re-author from there if I have protection problems. But like you said I don’t thin this is a protection problem. It’s not a write probelm either because I never get that far with either app.

EDIT: “The Order” has the WS version on one side and the FS version on the other side of the dvd. I was able to use the FS side and make an iso out of it. So I guess the WS side is indeed damaged/ unreadable etc…

thanks for the help guys.