DVD Decrypter settings /w AnyDVD

I can’t seem to find these.

What are they again?


I saved it in notepad, welcome to the forum:

To use DVD Decrypter in conjunction with AnyDVD as stated by Olli ->

Proceed to the DVD Decrypter Opening Page - Tools - Settings

I/O Tab - Click on “Elby CDIO-Elaborate Bytes”

General Tab - un-check “Check For Structure Protection”

You got it! What I meant is: DVDDecrypter is a fine program, and even if it isn’t developed any further, it will not dissolve because of that.
What will likely happen, is that very soon protections will be published, that DVDDecrypter can’t bypass (already happened with “Closer” Region 2).
Although AnyDVD doesn’t understand this new protection, I expect an update very soon (AnyDVD is actively developed).
If you combine DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD and let AnyDVD handle the decrypting and deprotection, DVDDecrypter can be used for copying and burning for a long time… (at least until I get the layer break issues fixed in CloneDVD )
Setting Elby I/O in Decrypter will make sure, that AnyDVD is used. You can use SPTI as well, but you should avoid ASPI. ElbyCDIO is good, stable, runs on non Administrative accounts and is written by me.
Disabling the “structural protection removal” in Decrypter will make sure, that Decrypter won’t touch the magic AnyDVD has already done.

Thank you very much. I had it some where but I just installed a Raptor, and XP x64 & couldn’t find it for the life of me. I use both DVD Shrink, & Nero Recode as well. Sadly I couldn’t use ASPI if I wanted to because of XP x64.

From the AnyDVD revision history:

  • Note: To use DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD set I/O Model to SPTI or ElbyCDIO.
    Set CSS Cracking method to none. Disable checking for structure


here you can find all the possible settings that I was able to find out to use at best DVD Decrypter with AnyDVD.

Probably most of them are useless, but they won’t do any harm anyway. :wink:



I bought the DVDFAB EXpress Decrypter, I can not get it to decrypter. on the source I chage it d:\ to read the movie I put in. the target source I put C:\ to put it on my c drive. It gives me a message. The folder (D:) is not a DVD folder. I followed the direction it gives me I don’t what I’m doing wrong I need help please.

What is your experience with using DVD Decrypter (in ISO read) and AnyDVD to make double layer (original) to double layer (backup) copies? Have you experienced any issues using a combo of these 2 programs to make a 1:1 backup of a DL disc?

in my experience this is the MOST preferred way to do it. (I’d actualyl recommend ripping with DVDD and switching to ImgBurn to do the burning though since it’s basically dvd decrypter minus the decryption part and plus an updated burning engine. )

I definitely use ImgBurn to burn the DVDs.

I’m more concerned with the decryption part, keeping the layer break info intact, etc. Thanks for that input.

when you rip in “ISO>READ” mode with decrypter is gives you a .iso and a .mds file. that mds file is what you load up into imgburn in order to do the burning and it contains the layer break info. in fact, it’s one of few (if not the only) ways to hang on to layer break information when ripping to ISO.

Sounds great. Thanks.

I can only confirm what the other fellows just said: this is my preferred way to make 1:1 DL backups. :slight_smile:

Latest version of CloneCD has a layer-break preserving feature and should be equally good. However, I’m really used with Decrypter/IMGBurn, so I’ll keep the AnyDVD+CloneCD method as a reserve. :slight_smile:

Regards, :slight_smile:


i’m with you…creature of habit (until the programs die on me…then I’ll figure something out :))

CloneCD works perfectly fine. I’ve been using it with the 10 pack of DL discs I bought a few weeks ago and I’ve not had a single problem yet. I realize DVD Decrypter works and all that but CloneCD is tightly integrated with AnyDVD’s low level driver layer and I would venture a guess that it’d be less likely to have issues. Not that DVD Decrypter is likely to have issues, just that a Slysoft product with another Slysoft product is PROBABLY going to work better. At least in my opinion anyway. :slight_smile:

shh quit being logical. :wink:

i just haven’t bought clonecd yet. when i bought the package i got clonedvd and anydvd only. as much as i’d love to support slysoft and add clonecd to my tools, I’m still a college student (aka poor haha)

spring break is coming up and my boss said he’d put me on full time plus I should be getting a bonus for sales goals over the last period…I think there’s another slysoft purchase in my near future haha

As far as I know, both methods work perfectly right now. I backupped a DL with CloneCD and it was fine. But as I said, “Old habits die hard”, so I’m sticking to Decrypter currently.

Actually both programs (CloneCD & Decrypter in ISO mode) do a relatively simple task: sequential reading of a DVD to an ISO image, preserving layer break. My guess is that if for some reason AnyDVD fails with a new protection, both programs will fail at the same time (provided that Decrypter is using ElbyCDIO.dll and configured properly to let AnyDVD do all the “dirty job”).

But only James and LIGHTNING UK! know the inner workings, so this is mere speculation. :wink:

Regards, :slight_smile:


I was only giving an opinion. LOL! :slight_smile: I’ve used DVD Decrypter before for that and it worked just fine. I’m not knocking DVD Decrypter in any way. ET, it’s likely you’re right about Decrypter and CloneCD and how they work. I honestly have NO idea. What I do know is that if I have an issue I can go to Slysoft and say “wahhh, it’s broken, fix it!” and they might take pity on me. (Yea, like they’d not help you with Decrypter…lol…their support is SOOOO terrible that they never help people who use third party software in combination with their own. COUGH COUGH. RIGHT!! :slight_smile: ) To each their own and if Decrypter works for you, that’s kuel. I just wanted to say that CloneCD works great, as well. :slight_smile:

Just to add my two cents…have been burning DLs since last Fall and AnyDVD, in combo with dvdd (dvdd or Img for the burn) has been the definite leader for me…flawless bkup everytime.

SamuriHL, I can’t speak to Clone CD, but it sounds great. I’ve been using Fab platinum and while the rip is just fine, the VSO burn engine is stumbling when it comes to the LB. I believe portmac (Ken from VSO) is working on this right now, so I’m hopeful… :iagree: I’ve also found that recode2 does a pretty good job with the LB, if ripped with fab express…just a split second blip on the screen. For me, this option is preferable when I just want the main movie…which I’m finding is most of the time.

If it looked like I was flaming you, my sincere apologies. That wasn’t my intention. :flower:

I was just expressing a slightly different line of reasoning, for the sake of discussion.

Best regards, :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about it in the least. :slight_smile: I’ve been around forums long enough so that I don’t take anything personally. I knew you weren’t trying to flame me. Besides, I’d just report you to a moderator. ROFLMAO! :wink: