DVD Decrypter says my LG GSA-2166D cannot burn DVD-R DL

I looked at the capabilities of my LG GSA-2166D DVD burner with DVD Decrypter and it says that it cannot burn minus Dual Layer DVDs but it says on the box and instruction manuals that came with this drive that it can burn minus dual layer DVDs can someone tell me why it says it cannot on DVD Decrypter?

All work has stopped on Decrypter for quite some time now, so its database is outdated. Try Infotool here.

I don’t think that DVD Decrypter supports DVD-R DL since this format did not exist when the software’s last update came out.
The 2166 supports DVD-R DL up to 4x though.


Try [B]ImgBurn[/B]. :iagree: The program is developed by LIGHTNING UK!, the author of [I]DVD Decrypter[/I], and is essentially a further development of the “writing engine” of DVDD.