Dvd decrypter - saved movie iso file would not open

I used dvd decrypter to decrypt and shrink to make an iso file and saved it in a folder. I tried to open it in decrypter later today and it won’t open. says file format not recognized??
i have made numerous copies like this but now decrypter says file format not recognized? whats going on here?
I know this is not right forum but no one in other forums replies.

Nobody replies? Maybe because it’s a simple logic: try to re-rip the movie again.

it took 20 minutes on decrypter to decrypt and 2 hours on dvd shrink. after that i saved the iso file created by shrink so i could use decrypter later on to write the movie but its not working. the iso file won’t open - decrypter says file format not recognized?? why not? why doesn’'t decrypter recognize the iso file format when its been burning it every time before?
it will again take 2 hours on shrink to recreate an iso file and who knows if decrypter will burn that??

Try to re-shrink the ISO. If it’s still corrupted, then you need to start all over again. There’s no way to help you unless you TRY. If you can’t deal with time, then get a faster PC.

Well there’s another way to test whether the ISO is corrupted or not, but I won’t asnwer it here in benq forum. Sorry.

I’ll answer it.

Try mounting the image in Daemon Tools and playing it like PowerDVD.

If it plays OK, the ISO shoiuld be fine.

Ma Jie

whats daemon tools? how do i play it like power dvd. i have no clue.
and zevia you said reshrink it? tell me how to reshrink iso file.
but please do tell me the other method. it will help me. thanks.


Daemon Tools is a proggie that functions as a virtual CD/DVD-ROM device. Google it, DL it, load it up, then mount the ISO. Then open Power DVD and play the file.

It’s not at all complicated.

  • Jie

this post will be better in the recording software forum.

i agree…ppl tend to get impatient waiting…for replies and start posting anywhere…