DVD Decrypter Ripping Time?

What is the average time to rip a DVD? I am trying to ripp Elektra and it is taking over an hour! I tried to do it with CloneDVD2 and it came back with an error and would not write to my DVD-R after ripping it to my HD. I just bought a new Lite-On writer (Iomega) with all formats capable i.e DVD-R, DVD+R, Dual Layer. I also have AnyDVD installed as well. I am now trying to use Decrypter with shrink DVD. Seems like Clone DVD is more user friendly but wouldn’t work. any suggestions? How long should it actually take to ripp a DVD, down load it to HD and then write to a new DVD-R?

hi, try this:
make sure you select DVD-5 on riping menus on CloneDVD, them on the final step (just before press go) select “create ISO/UDF” on your hard disk, then use a program such as nero to burn ISO to DVD :iagree:

the time that takes to rip a DVD depends of your computer and compression level :cop:
for eexample on my atlon64 3000+, with 1024mb DDR400 dual chanel it takes me half hour to RIP/decrip an DVD with 8gigs using cloneDVD, if you use other programs the riping time will be diferent (i usualy use DVd shrink that is slower, but usualy compression is best, becose i do USE ANALAZING BEFORE START TO RIP) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I guess a lot depends on the drive that you are ripping from. Using a Benq with speed patch it took 9:13 with DVDDecrypter to rip to HD.

i dnt think the DVD drive speed cant do much, becoz no way my Plextor PX130A takes half hour to read an Dual-Layer DVD (DVD9)

OK Have it your way.

I thought CloneDVD did it all? So Clone DVD won’t ripp to disk? I started with CopyDVD Titles then copied it from my DVD Rom drive and ripped it directly to my DVD Writer. It didn’t work. So I wrote to an ISO file and tried to burn from that and it did’t work? is there anyone who can maybe give me a step by step from start to finish? I have DVD Clone and AnyDVD on my computer. I am trying to copy Elektra.


CloneDVD is capable of ripping a DVD to your hard disk. It even gives you two options: ISO/UDF image or DVD Files.

The link above takes you step by step through the process and explains a lot on the way. Check it out and come here if you have any more questions.

To answer your original question, if your drive is not rip locked, a newer drive should be able to rip a DVD using DVD decrypter in 10-12 minutes. My ASUS reader will hit about 11x-12x on a DL disc, and be done with it in about that time.