Dvd Decrypter ripping speeds

When I rip a dvd with DVD Decrypter, I only get speeds of 1.7-2.0x. I have a Pioneer 105. Are these average speeds?

The drive is proabably rip locked so it cannot rip faster than 2x. Only hacked firmware can make it go faster.

Any idea where I can find such firmware?



Thanks you very much. I upgraded to the firmware “Pioneer DVR-105 v1.33 RPC-1 + 2xDVD-R + 12xRip” …While tryin it out with DVD decrypter, I am now ripping at 3.1x speed, which is better than 2.1, but not quite 12x like the firmware says I can max out at. Do I need to do anythign else?

The speed usually varies up and down on the same DVD. It also depends on the DVD how fast it goes. It should get gradually faster when going to the edge of the disc.

I get around 3x - 8x usually.

Try a basic benchmark first.
Get free program Nero CD-DVD Speed test and do the simple transfer rate. Use clean pressed DVD-Video. The fastest rate you’ll get on Single Layer near the outer edge.

Yea, I should’ve been more patient. I am getting speeds b/w 3 and 6 now. Thanks guys

Those speeds aren’t normal even if the drive is locked. Unlocking the drive with a hacked irmware should yield higher speeds than 3X. Are you sure you have the drive connected in udma mode and not pio? Check it by: control panel/system/hardware/device manager/ide ata/atapi controllers/right click on primary and secondary channel properties depending on what channel you installed the drive on. If in pio mode, switch to dma mode that is appropriate for your drive. Typically dvd-roms and dvd-rw drives run using udma mode 2 or higher.

Check your cable and its connections to mainboard. Make sure there’s no dust or bent pins, etc… The connection should be firm. Best to set dvd-roms used in ripping as Primary Master and not Primary Slave or Secondary Master or Secondary Slave for better read/write performance. In my experience this logic has worked well. Others may disagree.

If these basic suggestions fail, your drive may be damaged or isn’t capable of ripping at higher speeds with or without a hacked firmware for riplock removal. I suggest you rma the drive or get a better drive like the Aopen 1648/AAP Pro or nonpro version. The Lite-on drives 166 series are also good. Search the forum for more discussions about these particular drives.

Yes, good media, different DVD formats, etc… do matter in dictating speed. But, I still think that a speed of 2X or 3x is atypical of most drives today. Your drive is likely misconfigured or damaged. My older dvd-rom drives unbrand oem ones will do 6x on copied dvds, dvd+r dl, and pressed or commerical dvds without a riplock removal firmware. You have a Pioneer drive which is branded, I would’ve expected higher speeds and better performance from such a drive. I would advise to pay closer attention to the hardware and follow some of the above suggestions.

If it matters, I have Aopen 1648/AAP Chameleon Edition dvd-rom for ripping cds and dvds. I typically do 12.3X for DVD+R DL and 15X and above for DVD+/DVD-Rs. Pressed commercial dvds will do 16X. For a 7-8GB DVD+R DL, it will normally take less than 11 minutes to rip to the harddrive. For single layer 4.7 GB DVDs both commercial and copied DVD+R/DVD-R, the average is around 9 minutes.

Best advice is to do your research and invest in a good dvd-rom if you use it for mainly ripping.

I think you misread my post. I said between 3-6x. But actually it has been getting near 8x with some media. It is taking me ~12minutes for a single layer dvd.

Those are better numbers closer to “normality” for most dvd-roms on average. That’s good to hear that the drive isn’t damage then. You can still get even better speeds with a different drive for less than you would expect to pay.

on my liteon external plug on the USBport, it goes to 7x…
on my laptop, it rips to 2.7x.

Well, I spoke to soon. I am trying to back up a DVD that someone scratched up on me. Max rip speed is 2.1x. Is this normal considering it has a lot of light scratches all over it?

If the DVD is badly scratched. Then you are lucky to get even 2.1x . I have seen the speed go down to 0.3x on a scratched disc.

Light scratches shouldn’t affect the speed too much.

Clean the disc with a fine cloth (T-shirt) and some windex to remove fingerprints, etc. For scratches you can remove them with some Crest Toothpaste (works as a fine polishing compound) and a fine cloth - might take up to half-hour of rubbing to get the scratches down to a level that makes reading perfect. Rub from the center of the disc to the outside not around the circumference of the disc. Clean the disc with spraying water and windex after. Use Nero’s scandisk and speed test to check the disc’s improvement.

UPDATE: I am only getting good speeds ripping from DVD-r’s. Whenever I back up one of my real DVD’s, my max is 2.1x. Weird huh?

“Real DVDs?” Do you mean pressed/commercial/rental/bought dvds? If so, they’re protected, so you will likely get low rip speeds until you remove the protection. DVD Decrypter doesn’t always work on newer types of protection. The dvd may simply be damaged such that no amount of cleaning can recover it.

LOL, yes, that is what I mean. I noticed this difference in ripping speeds when I tried to backup a DVD that I haven’t backed up yet. When I backup a backup, then I get great speeds.

I have A problem. I use hacked firmware on my TOSHIBA SD-1612. When i ripped movies in my XP Sp1 i always got great speeds.
I formated my pc and now i use xp sp2. Now i cannot rip over 2.3x . I got to the IDE in device manager and said it was set in pio. There is no way i can change it in DMA. or is there any???

PS: I remember i had the drive set in dma before the format

Ok I found the solution. It was a DMA problem after all. I found an article about
changing your DMA settings even though they “don’t want to”.


Now i get normal speeds ~7-8x