~~~ DVD Decrypter Quick Burning Question ~~~

Quick Question: When using DVD Decrypter, does your BUFFER and DEVICE BUFFER remain pegged at 99-100%?

I have a slower machine [PIII-500, 384MB RAM] and rarely does the BUFFER ever drop down to 0%, it usually remains at 99-100% for the duration of the burn. My DEVICE BUFFER has NEVER dropped from 99-100%. A friend of mine who has a newer P4 system says his DEVICE BUFFER is ALWAYS 0% and shortly after his disc starts burning his BUFFER drops to 0%. I think this may be why I often get glitchy console game backups …

I have the BTC 1004 v0350 and use DVD Decrypter

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!


This all depends of the performance of the drive you are reading the data from. If your PC hard drive is slow, that will limit the performance of the buffer. Also, If your system is busy it might cause problems. I rarely see either the drives internal buffer or pc buffer drop much at all at 4X with any writer. I think the type of media is probably your source of problems.


Thanks for the reply. I am glad to hear yours behaves the same. It must be the media then, I do have crap media … Starlogic DVD-R [Princo 1x, 2x] and Khypermedia [TDKG02, told these are still Princo]. Thought maybe it is more than a media issue since I never had luck with five Ritek G04 1-4x DVD-Rs I borrowed from that same friend who never had any problems with them. Those discs are supposed to be good.

Just got a Dell P4 2.66GHz, maybe that will make a difference …


Over at videohelp.com in the media forum I have been reading about more and more problems with Ritek media lately. It seem that Ritek has produce three different formulas for their media but kept the same MID. I would try to use a different media sor sure.

I don’t understand some of the responses. Yours is the machine that is correct. The buffers should fill up and remain full until the end of the burn. The idea is to keep the buffers full so that if you machine does get busy, there will still be a constant supply of data (from the buffers) to the burner. They should never reach 0% until the end after all of the data has been sent to the writer. The guy whose machine allows the buffers to drop to 0% has a serious problem.

ccbadd and DonS,

Thanks for your replies. My friend makes perfect copies of everything so he did not pay that close attention to what dvd decrypter does [he told me this after I posted], so his probably does the same thing. I plan on putting this burner in my new Dell P4 2.66 GHz so hopefully my burning problems have just been a slow machine or faulty media. Thanks guys!


>A friend of mine who has a newer P4 system says his DEVICE >BUFFER is ALWAYS 0% and shortly after his disc starts burning >his BUFFER drops to 0%. I think this may be why I often get >glitchy console game backups …

It occurs to me that he may have a setting which he tweaked that is causing a problem (I am shooting in the dark here, as I do not use burn fuctions on DVD-Decrypter, but assuming that DVD-D buffers work in the same manner as say Nero’s). if available check buffer settings.

When ever I see through put “problems” I always suspect Ultra-DMA modes on the machine in question. Do a search on UltraDMA or maybe more specifically PIOonly mode. M$ had some pretty good articles in their knowledge base.
I believe Nero has a speed test option for all hard drives if you think they might be the problem, but I ran 5400 rpm drives for years without a problem such as this.

I did on occassion have theCd and DVD burner drive channels limit their throughput because of massive amounts of errors reading bad media in those drives. I think you can reset the DMA mode in the system manager, but I do not remember if you have to reboot for it to take effect. Again, search engine articles will explain if you think this might be the problem.
It seems I remember that there were occassions that I fixed these errors by removing the drive from the system both de-install it in windows and physically uninstalling it as well, rebooting and letting windows find and resinstall the drive(s).