DVD decrypter question

If i want to make a backup of a DVD movie, can i assume DVD decrypter won’t work in most cases because the DVD is going to be bigger than my DVD-r discs at 4.? gig? Isay 4.? because i can’t remember what the standard size is, but something like 4.6 right? anyway, are most movies going to be bigger, and if so i assume DVD decrypter won’t work then, right? So if i am correct, then i assume i have to use something like DVD shrink, right? And if so can i burn the resulting image with decrypter and how do i do that? does decrypter let me navigate to the image i recorded with shrink to bun it? also, does shrink let me set the compression and tell me what amount to use to fit on a 4.? disc?

You can use dvd decrypter to rip the disc in your HDD, then use shrink to compress files and remove all unwanted contents, finally use imgburn (more updated than dvd decrypter) to burn the movie on a dvd.

Yes you’ll need something like shrink if you want to burn them on a SL disc. I’d rip first to hd and then using shrink. To burn with dvddecrypter or Imgburn select as output iso.

I agree about srink, But a lot of dvd have the movie in two formats and a lot of other crap on the disc thay you do not need by just coping the movie you may be able to fit it on a sl with out a need to srink it

Ok, i dycrpted them, then used shrink and selected an output folder. but when i open decrypter again to burn it, i select ISO write and select the folder the files are in and it shows nothing. So i select “all files” in the dialog and the files \show up. But i don’t know what file to select and i tried a few and got a error saying wrong type of file or such. Also, there are TWO folders…one for vid and one for audio. If i select the video folder will it know to get the audio from the other? I guess thats a moot point right now anyway because i cannot do anything. I figured when i click to select the source folder it would allow me to select a folder. But it’s looking for a file and you can’t click “open” with a folder selected. What am i doing wrong?

As said [B]rapid fire[/B], you must create an ISO file with dvd shrink: dvd decrypter is able to burn only image files, and not single vob files.

Thanks all…i got it. watching the copy now and it looks good. thanks for the help…'preciate it.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

That’s why I use 1Click and AnyDVD…Used to use dvd43 and had minimal problems but made the switch to AnyDVD and haven’t regreted yet. Sometimes I set a movie to backup before I go to bed and when I get up it’s done.

congrats glad it is working.

Here is the way I stumbled upon using my shrink, and decrypter. This way seems quicker for me. I will usually run the dvd “movie” through dvd shrink then reauthor it. I just scroll down, and double click main title/movie. When it appears on the left of shrink screen I usually view it in the viewable player screen to check it out. Then I click on compression settings, and check out the boxes of subtitles if not needed, and all the audio that isn’t required for my particular taste. I usually just keep 5.1 audio. This will give me just the movie with the least amount of video compression. I will then click backup in shrink. I have it sent to to go through dvd decryter and then it does it’s thing, and then It’s ready to burn with dvd decrypter which is set to ISO write mode. I then put in my media in my burner and burn it usually at 4x speeds ( 8x saves me 4 minutes if that). Usually the whole process takes about 45 minutes with a NEC 3520a. Anyone else shrink first?

Yes I use shrink then have shrink bring up nero and it burns it.

It only took about 45 min for my 1st movie too. I did it more conventionally tho, but i did remove the subtitles and other languages. Don’t recall it offering me any option as far as audio tho. Maybe the movie didn’t have 5.1. I decrypted first, then shrunk it and checked the box in the shrink settings that asks if you want it to burn with decrypter. So it automatically brings that up and burns as soon as it’s done shrinking. I was suprised to see that option. I didn’t realize shrink check for burning apps when you install it and sets that option in the settings, but thats a great feature. Overall i’m real pleased with the decrypter/shrink solution and see no reason to look elsewhere.

Yeah sometimes you only have one audio option, and other times you have up to six or more. Usually where you check out the subtitle boxes the audio options is right above that, and that’s where you get that extra video quality. Escpecially if you have another language in French in 5.1 which will give you a much better video quality if you get rid of all of them except one ( your prefered language and number of audio channels. Note: if your listening to movies in 2 channel. Record in two channel because dialog can be a bit muffled in 5.1 when just running 2 channels. If you have the room and your not sacrificing to much video quality keep 2 channel, and 5.1. I noticed this on my pc where it’s only 2 channel especially on dvd concerts that were recorded in 5.1. My standalone setup is 5.1 so usually that’s all I do). I feel the same way about the shrink/decrypter solution that, and it took me long enough to learn that. Although if you try and burn some newer dvd’s that have the new Accros protection go and run it through DVD FAB freeware version first it will save you a head ache.

Although if you try and burn some newer dvd’s that have the new Accros protection go and run it through DVD FAB freeware version first it will save you a head ache.

thats good to know. I didn’t realize there were newer protections that decrypter doesn’t work with. Are there any freeware apps for this or is that the only one? I suppose if it is tho, there will be plenty of freeware apps for that before long.

Ok, i see. The link is to the paid app. Or is the “trial” the freeware?

Oh yeah alot of the Sony/columbia picture stuff uses this on their newer dvd’s that decrypter, and Shrink won’t work ( UNLESS it gets complicated though, and I’m not experienced enough to explain that, or even do it myself yet so I go with one click FAB. It’s much simplier for me). Dvd fab decrypter has a freeware it’s constantly being updated unlike dvd decrypter, but you have to do it manually. First google it ,or it may be on this forum I’m new here. When you need to update the FAB I would and get rid of the old one before you run the new one. Go into your add and remove programs ,and get rid of the old one first it’s recomended on the site to do this. It can be a bit of a hassle from time to time, but it’s worth it, because they keep coming up with new protection against copying all the time. I don’t use mine all the time but if I run across a tough one I will break out the FAB.

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Even though DvD Decrypter is no longer updated, as along as you use AnyDvD with you should not have any problems.

Iso read to the hd. Once you have the Image to the desktop you can manipulate the file however you want then save it as a iso again. Then use Imgburn which is a current update burning engine aspect of DvD Decrypter.

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