DVD Decrypter problem



I am currently backing up my small collection of DVDs to my computer, so I’m using DVD Decrypter (latest version).

The problem I am having is that the files are not marked with the hours, (ex. a movie is actually 108mins (1 hour 48mins), after the file is finished and I play it, it states the length is only 48mins. This doesn’t seem like much of a problem until you go to convert the file- and it then only changes 48mins of it.

I have, for some strange reason gotten two of my movies to decrypt with the full time but the others, after multiple tries, do not. The movies are all there, but after the “clock” turns to the next hour nothing happens in the hour slot and it looks like movie is just 15 seconds into it.

I know this sounds like a fairly lame question but It would help me out a lot if someone knows what I can do.

-Thanks in advance, -Cory


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DVD Decrypter is not more updated by a long time, so it is possible that is not ripping correctly the disc.

You need a more recent software to decrypt discs. The main possibilities are AnyDVD (not free) and DVDFab HD Decrypter (free), both regularly updated.


It sounds like you are loading up the individual VOB files. Run the IFO files.

Take note of geno888s post aswell.


I have been using the Vob files, however thats the only was to convert the movie to mp4.

I will try DVDFab, thanks for the advice.