DVD Decrypter Problem

Hi all

I am trying to get a dvd on my hard drive using dvd decrypter, so i can then use videora ipod software to convert to ipod format. this worked for the first dvd i did, and now the one i am doing, it gets frozen at the extracting sectors point (0% done) and i think it completed 24 kb and then it just started to suck and now there is no file transfer rate, it aint movin.

i cant use other dvd rippers cause they splice up the video into like 6 files (.99 gb each) and have a separate audio ts. i need this junk all in one file

help from anyone is greatly appreciated!

alternatively, if you cant help me with dvd decrypter, could someone please recommend a dvd ripper that lets you pick File Splitting: None…one that is free, i dont have money and i sure wont spend money one one of those dumb ipod converter softwares for like 40 bucks when i can find other ways to do it for free

i know theres a way to do it, i just dont know how

Try with DVDShrink, Edit>Preferences> output files> uncheck “Split VOB files into 1GB size chunks”

thanks for the tip! ill give it a shot

edit: for the target dvd size compression, should i make it into dvd 9? because it might be more then 5 gigs

also, im getting an error trying to open the disc…do i need the full version or something to make back ups? Invalid dvd navigation structure

In Shrink, select No Compression and ignore the warning messages about it being too big.

If you are being stymied by a newer protection scheme with DVDDecrypter, then it probably won’t work with Shrink either.

You can download AnyDVD and use it for 3 weeks as a trial. Use it to break the encryption and use DVDDecrypter to rip it in the form you want.

Edit: Yes, sounds like a newer protection. RipIt4Me still works for most protection schemes, so it would be a free alternative. Let me go see if I can find a working link.

where is no compression in shrink?

If you set to DVD9 ,then quality will be that much better, since no compression will be applied…No compression= better quality…If you’ll be burning to SL disk then you’ll of course need to set to DVD-5 target…But from your OP you’re going to convert to Ipod…

Looks like these links are working.

RipIt4Me combines DVDDecrypter, DVDShrink and FixVTS into one interface. You should be able to set DVDDecrypter to output as you like while using RipIt4Me.

Be aware that it will no longer be updated, so there may be future releases where RipIt4Me won’t be effective.

Edit: Sorry to have confused you on the DVD9 or No Compression settings in Shrink. You can set it to DVD9 and get no compression. I just adust the compression settings under Video once I open a dvd.

Try this method, with the always updated DVDFab Decrypter>DVDShrink,use the method I posted regarding 1GB chunks with shrink…

so if i put my file splitting to none settings on in dvd decrypter, when i use rip it for me and it starts using decrypter it should all come out in one file?

no, dvd fab split up everything too, so did ripit4me

the only thing to have worked so far is dvd decrpyter

That’s a good suggestion t0nee1. Two steps, but gets him where he wants to go.

Using this method, you decrypt to the hard drive with DVDFab HD Decrypter…in many files as you noted. But now open the files with DVDShrink and select the option not to split them into 1gb chunks. It will output in one big vob file as you seem to want.

Two separate steps as I noted, but will do the job.

could you give me some more detailed directions on how to go about this

thanks, thats what i meant by more detailed instructions

cole nate wrote"no, dvd fab split up everything too, so did ripit4me
the only thing to have worked so far is dvd decrpyter."

Rip with DVDFabDecrypter then use Shrink on file fab created, to backup to 1 VOB,with the method I posted…it works!..

Sorry Kerry56,didn’t see your edited reply…

way more work then i would have thought! lol

Pretty darn easy AFAIK! but if you want 1-clicker,then try out DVDFAB Platinum…
sometimes you just gotta work at it,to git er done!..

one day ill pay for one of the fancy ones

so far everything is working like i expected

thank you so much for all your help!

Cool,glad it’s working out for you…
Cheers!.. :slight_smile:

Or you can rip with whatever program you wish to use, then use VobMerge to join all the vobs together.