DVD Decrypter Problem

First, I got my movie (Jay and Silent Bob) and used DVD shrink to analyze it and save it to my hard drive as an ISO. After that I tried burning it onto a DVD+R using DVD Decrypter in Write-ISO mode. When it was done i tried it on my PS2, didnt work. Tried it on xbox, didnt work, also tried it on a Sont DVD player and it didnt work. It would only play on my computer. So then I start thinking, I used Clone DVD to burn the existing ISO file and it worked on anything that plays DVDs. What I am asking is what was going wrong with DVD Decrypter?

Could be bad media. Also reduce the burn speed to 4X. Set the booktype to DVD-ROM if possible.

Exxactly… I use my PS2 as a dvd player often and it won’t play my DVDD burned movies unless I change the booktype to DVD-rom. DVDD will do this for you.

(Burn speed and media wasn’t the issue for me, btw. But try it if changing the booktype doesn’t work.)

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There’s two ways.

In Iso-write mode, there is a little icon of an open book in the lower right corner (under “settings”). Click it, you’ll see “Change Book Type”. Select your drive, select your media type, and pick DVD-Rom from the drop down box. It should say “success” if you did it right.

Also, from the menu bar, you can pick “tools/drive/change book-type”.

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What brand and model of drive did you burn the DVD+R with? Reason I’m asking is that not all DVD burners can be used for bitsetting.