Dvd Decrypter Problem....what's A .lay File?

Just been given an authored DVD movie which I wanted to make my own backup of. Normally I use DVD Decrypter to read as an ISO and then burn with Nero. This time Decrypter wouldn’t get past 99%, it kept getting stuck on a weird file with a .lay extension? What the hell is this, I’ve not seen it before, does it need to be there?

I can read the disc in file mode using Decrypter and burn using Nero DVD-Video option but it’s a pain in the arse, any ideas anybody?



a .LAY file is a file native to Apple DVD Studio Pro. This is not necessary for burning a DVD compilation. In fact, this file should ALWAYS be deleted or excluded when burning with a program or software suite other than DVD Studio Pro. For more information on this, check out apple’s site regarding this product:
Apple DVD Studio Pro
You may encounter files bearing the names

. Both of these are not necessary for any other type of burning.