DVD Decrypter - problem ripping in IFO mode

I’m completely new at this - I’ve been following this guide. So I’m supposed to do this in IFO mode, but I can’t get it to rip the whole DVD. Under the ‘Input’ tab, I have 43 different ‘PCG’ things (I assume they’re segments of the DVD), and it’s only letting me rip one of them at a time.

I’m having a huge amount of trouble with this whole process because I have to re-encode in order to fit this onto a DVD R … it isn’t going very well.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

EDIT - Sorry, I just realized this is in the wrong forum but I can’t delete the post.

Never heard of DVDShrink??

PGC = Program Chain = piece of video

Yes also it’s better to rip the whole DVD with DVD Decrypter in ISO read mode. Then open this using DVD Shrink and it will make it easier to select the main title from amongst the other crap, before performing the shrinking.

Read this guide instead…
good luck!!!