Dvd decrypter or dvdfab

Which one is better not just for taking out protection but quality if there is a difference thank you.and when i use dvdshrink fir a action movie i put it on sharp and a nonaction movie i put it on smooth but sometimes i can see on small objects like a slight blur is this normal or am i being to picky. thanks.

There is no difference in ‘quality’ what so ever as they are both rippers not transcoders.

DVDDecrypter does a lot more functions. And is an truly excellent program. Except it will not remove the latest copy protections on DVD’s (anything produced after January 05 as this is when the last version was released). DVDfabdecrypter will remove them as it is constanltly updated.

If you wish to only use DVDdecrypter, you could do what i do and that is buy AnyDVD and use the Elby .dll in DVDDecypter which makes it fully up to date and perfect to use once again. As Anydvd works in conjunction with it to remove the latest disk protections. They make an amazing combination when set up correctly using the two alongside each other.


Actually, Decrypter WILL remove the protection from most DVD’s, even recent ones. There are really only a handful that I’ve run across that it will not work on (Madagascar comes to mind). There is no harm in having both on your system. I use Decrypter for 99% of my backups, and the rare exception is handled perfectly by Fab.

I’d use both for ripping, also you’ve the option to use plugin for dvddecrypter.

Again, both great programs.

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I found DVDFab for $40 US. But where would I find DVDdecrypter?

Found here.

Remember that you will have to use AnyDvD with it.


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Thank you. I’ve downloaded them both. Looks like I have some studying to do. Will post back here if I get stuck.