DVD decrypter not working

What does it mean if DVD decrypter cant make an image of a DVD movie? Im trying to backup hitch and the dvd is in fine quality but i just get an error message after 2% every time. Works fine on all other films. Heres what the error message says…


Dirty on the disc or just a defective disc. Return the disc and try a different one.

Hitch uses Sony’s ARccOS protection, it uses unreadable sectors. Download AnyDVD and run that in background. Then use DVD decrypter to copy the movie. Good Luck!


Thanks for your help and suggestions. I tried anydvd but same thing still happens, craps out around 2%. Are there any other programs?

DVDFab Decrypter is probably a solution for you.

Unless you are in Region 2, Hitch is easily copied with DVD Decrypter. Your problem is, most likely, a scratch or other disc defect.

I think not, Hitch R1 has been the reason for many software updates… According to doom9, it was not properly handled until AnyDVD or DVDFab Decrypter

try dvd shrink

Ouch… I am not trying to be disagreeable, but I believe that trying to use DVDShrink on Hitch Region 1 or Hitch Region 2, 4, 5 (any of these) will be a complete waste of time.

Hitch is a recent Columbia /Tristar release, which means it has Sony’s ArCCos copy protection scheme on it. The structure on Region 1 is different than that used on Region 2 and 4 and 5. But, DVDShrink is useless as a ripping tool on ANY of the discs which have the Sony ArCCos.

For those who need additional info:

Click here for more on Sony ArCCos and how to beat it

DVDDecrypter may need help, (perhaps a PSL file, for example) depending on the Region. The other solutions mentioned above by TehGrue are the simplest solution to backing up this one – AnyDVD or DVDFab Decrypter

DVDShrink is useless in this case, though.


DVDFab Decrypter has been updated to and should take care of your problem. Read about it Here.
The link H3rB3i posted above will lead you to it.


It was, however, always properly handled by DVD Decrypter. Still is. :wink:

If you have AnyDVD you can follow Olli’s advice located Here.

The advice will show you how to use DVD Decrypter forever.


i ripped hitch r1 with DVD Decrypter 3540 without any problems. Im guessing DVDFab Decrypter should work too. Version and lower would get errors opening the files with DVDShrink with movies with ARccOS - this has been fixed with

if none of the current programs work for you, its probably a dirty/scratched disc like others have already said.

Hah, really? Good to know… I figured since Sony rolled out new protection since it ended development, it wouldn’t be able to handle it, but I guess it does!

Yeah, and the first couple discs that “supposedly” use RipGuard… DVD Decrypter tears right through those as well (Million Dollar Baby and Constantine).