Dvd Decrypter Not Bitsetting

So i got some Memoriex R+ Dl and a pioneer DVRx152 dvd/ cd external usb writer with Dvd Decrypter and it still does Not let me do Bitsetting. i need help? im trying to burn some 360iso

the drive plus the enclosure is named DVR-X152, do you happen to know what drive is internal? could it be a DVR-1910/115?

i do not see support for the DVR-X152 in MCSE so that wont help.

i know that ImgBurn will automatically booktype if the media/drive/firmware supports bitsetting. try burning with ImgBurn, there is a line in the burn log which will look like this if your drive doesnot support it:

[B]Book Type Setting: N/A[/B]

if you can figure out what internal version your drive is you might be able to connect it internal do a MCSE flash then put it back in the enclosure. unless you have a laptop, then you might need to find a friend to help you.

The Internal driver inside is Dvr-113np? do you know?

hey on burnimag can i choose the dvd. file then cue the .iso image ??

ImgBurn is from the same author as dvd decrypter. its just the burning engine only not the decrypter.

to burn ISO choose wrote mode from the EZ-Picker window.

if i burn the iso. file isnt going to just be a dvd?

cuz everytime i try to booktype my driver it say fail?!? for both imag and decrypt!


vomit read this http://club.cdfreaks.com/f34/bitsetting-booktpye-changing-only-dvd-r-dvd-rw-dvd-rw-dvd-rw-dl-226572/ it a bitsetting and booktype changing tutorial that was put together by zebadee

Many newer burners no longer bother with bitsetting of SL discs, but will automatically bitset DL +R media. That’s the way my Pioneer 115D works.