DVD DECRYPTER newbie help

Could someone please help me out, i need to use DVD DECRYPTER to rip a DVD onto my hard drive and in a VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS type of file. I real simple step by step guide would be very much appreciated!!! :bow:

What’s the name of this Dvd?

I rip little bits of DVDS to put on my PSP, but the program i use to do this PSPvideo9 doesnt like my region1 discs, so i was hoping DVD decryptor would remove the region coding or any protection that may be causing this, but as i have mentioned im a bit of a newb with DVD decrypter :o

There are no particular steps. Simply insert the disc on the drive, select a destination folder on HDD, and then press the start button. DVD Decrypter will do all the work automatically.

Make sure you’re ripping in File Mode (under Mode > File).