DVD Decrypter, Nero, Shrink, all lock?

I have a really weird and frustrating problem, any help would be great.

I have made a few copies to date without issue, have also ripped several times to the HD. Now today, Nero, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink and DVDFab all lock the computer when trying to decrypt/analyse a DVD. Any of them get from 10% to 25% into the DVD and the computer freezes solid. I have been able to scroll through and watch completly the movies while in the computer, all of these programs worked fine two days ago. It doesn’t mater if I set it to burn or to rip to the HD, it’s driving me nuts! Never gets to writing stage.

The only thing I can think of that I added recently was Media Player 9 update, was 8 and I can’t find a way to back peddle the version of it. Running XP Pro, NEC 1300A drive with 1.09, most recent versions of the DVD software.

What do all these programs share or use in common that would cause all of them to lock when doing the same thing. I have tried 3 different DVD’s as well, really goofy…

Greg Moore

have you made sure DMA is enabled for the drives that are giving you problems?

Will check, but unless something turned it off (unlikely), UDMA is enabled (and is by default in XP)

Really tending toward WMP9 and something it added since all programs worked 100% 2 days ago and now none do. Just for fun I let Nero run a music CD through its paces, all worked fine, only seems to be a video issue. Problem now with WMP9 is that System Restore won’t run because of a DLL fault (can’t go back to older restore point) and there is a virus in the system_volume directory. To clear the virus, I have to turn off System Restore, which will clear out past points from what I understand.

Just friggin rediculous, I have to assume all 3 programs share a DLL or something from XP, no way otherwise that all 3 could suddenly share the same problem.

And I was just making some headway with menuedit trying to split ‘bonus disks’ which are useless if split with Fab, can’t access squat without the menus on the second disk…


Originally posted by Greg Moore
Will check, but unless something turned it off (unlikely), UDMA is enabled (and is by default in XP)

it’s enabled by default, but winxp will revert to PIO mode automatically if the system encounters too many ide errors.

UDMA is on and being used for all drives so that isn’t it… I did notice that Decrypter is using SPTI instead of ASPI or ASAPI drivers, when I switch to the Nero ASPI, Decrypter can’t find either burner, problem is, I don’t think that is any different from when it worked.

Went through all the timing of downloads etc. Looks like it did work after WMP9 was installed and used. Closest thing I can see is I tried out the new beta utility from Dimad and it had locked up. Doubt that is it, but the lockup corrupted a DLL or something it was using at the time…


meant ‘may have corrupted a DLL or something’ Don’t mean to scare anyone, the utility looked great, can’t say it has anything to do with my problem.

Well it’s fixed… Don’t know who or what screwed what up. I unloaded everything that was DVD based and reloaded and now they all work 100%.

Wish I knew what went wrong, was a lot of work and time to redo it all, but at least I can go play again!

Greg Moore