Dvd Decrypter makes .iso files?

Hello. I used DVD Decrypter to copy a movie the other day because CloneDVD kept getting a read error. Anyway, Dycrypter worked fine, but it created a file called ‘TWINE.ISO’ and ‘TWINE.MDS’. What am I supposed to do with these? If I use Nero to burn a DVD data disc with these on it, will it play in my dvd player?


You’ll need to use an app such as DVD Shrink to compress the files to fit on a single layer disc first, prior to burning it with DVD Decrypter

As stated above you have to use dvdshrink to compress the files, you also have to use the file mode with all files selected in dvddecrypter for dvd shrink to open the ripped VIDEO_TS folder from your hard drive.

you can also use dvd decrypter’s file ripping mode to end up with the traditional dvd files instead of the iso image.

I mainly use dvd decrypter in files mode. I rip the entire disc, then I use Nero recode to burn the main movie only. That way I do not compress and do not loose any quality.

So, to summarize … you can re-rip the DVD in “file mode” with DVD Decrupter and then you’ll have the “video_ts” folder you were expecting.

Or, you can use ISO Buster or a similar tool to extract the “video_ts” folder from the .iso file you created. This might be faster if your system can copy from one hard drive to another faster than it can rip data from a disk.

Usually, I only use DVD Decrypter’s “ISO READ” mode when the source disk is a DVD-5 and no compression or reauthoring will be needed … then I burn the copy with “ISO Write” mode. Be sure to select the “.mds” file as the one to burn. The .mds file tells DVDD how to write the ISO (disk image) to the new disk… Some people can get away with selecting the ISO itself, but I had problems doing that.

DVD Shrink can also read the ISO image. The open disc image option is in the drop down menu or press control I.