Dvd decrypter log

W 17:18:05 Drive D:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB
sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone no what this is all about???

A little more info would be usefull but I’ll throw a guess out there. You are trying to backup a movie to an iso file. Dvd decryptor would normally create a single iso file for the entire disk. Your hard drive is formated fat 32 and fat 32 does infact not support files larger than 4GB. Does that sound about right? What operating system are you using and how many hard drives do you have? Also, do you know what file system the hard drives are formated as (fat, ntfs etc)?

You need to comvert your file syatem to a ntfs file system to fully support large file sizes.

Since you are talking of your D: go to commman prompt and type

convert D: /fs:ntfs

If you got XP as your operating system, (SAVE ALL Progys on it)then go here, “Administrative Tools”,“Computer Management”, “Storage”, “Disk Management”, FORMAT<<this Deletes All Files on that Disk/Partition. Then Chose NTFS.
Or Get “PARTITION MAGIC 8” n use that to change to NTFS…<easy progy to use…

OR DO what rfjr23 has pointed out to you.------convert D: /fs:ntfs

It might be wise to backup your data though. there is a small risk when converting a drive. I’m guessing that since it is d, it is a second hard drive. You could always just move everything to c (if there is room), reformat, and then move everything back.

There is a chance that this is a Ghost partition that XP may use for system restore, Vritual RAM or something like that. Do you actually have a “D:” partition that you can browse like you “C:”? I use Windows 2000, so I am not too familiar with XP, but just a guess.

If this is the case then just rip to “c:”, but make sure you have the space and your drive is defragmented.

Windows xp doesn’t actually make a seperate partition for restore (that I am aware of anyway). It just uses protected space on your main partition. Some prebuilt computers use a second partition to back up the operating system though.

But that is done manually is it not? I had a compaq that was like that. First thing I did was reformat. I dont care for seperate partitions on 1 HD. I prefer multiple HD’s myself.


DVD Decrypter can be set to get around this problem quite easily without the need for converting from Fat32 to NTFS, if you feel nervious about this (& you should).

Go into Tools->Settings->ISO Read Mode & ensure that File Splitting is Auto & DVD+RW capacity is File System. In this way multiple files will be created, overcoming this problem.
Obviously if you are ripping in file mode , rather than ISO Read mode , then this is not an issue.