DVD Decrypter: loading .iso and .mds

Is the following correct. When loading the .iso file using daemon tools, there is no layer break? When loading the .mds file, the original layer break is there? Anyother other difference between loading the iso or mds file?

So when using programs such as shrink or clone DVD to burn to SL media its better to load the iso file, and when burning to DL media its better to load the mds file?

That’s a media layer break that you’re seeing in DAEMON Tools when mounting via the MDS file. The IFO flag that people associate with the layer break will still be there regardless of which file you load.

So basically, you should use the MDS as its the closes to the original DVD - which of course is what these programs are designed to work with.

What is SL media and DL media? I’ve tried burning the iso and mds file using 2 different types of dvd(fujifilm and sony). I’m still having problems playback on my standalone dvd (it says 'disc error - playback feature may not be available on this disc)…please help!!!

SL = Single Layer (4,7GB)
DL = Double Layer (8,5GB)


some dvd players have a hard time reading DL dvds,my DL dvds play better on my older models and my sony dvdrecorder