DVD Decrypter is not back!



I just posted the article DVD Decrypter is not back!.

 aradian,pottz and Shoebedobedoo used our news submit to tell us  that DVD Decrypter was back. We would like to inform our visitors that  the story is, in fact, false. DVD...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10452-DVD-Decrypter-is-not-back.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10452-DVD-Decrypter-is-not-back.html)

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What a moron! Saw this about a week ago, guess I should have sent it in.


I don’t usually wish bad things to people, but, if this moron ends up getting the REAL Lightning UK! in trouble as a result of this BS, well, let’s just say I’d wish very bad things to happen to them. Scamming people is bad enough, but, this is truly ridiculous. Unfortunately, tons of websites are reporting this crap as fact when we all know it’s a scam. Users reading the sites posting it as fact will not know the truth and fall victim to this nonsense. Common sense would tell you how stupid this guy is. Gee, Lightning UK! developed DVDD with no help from anyone except maybe the CSS cracking code, and suddenly he needs a reverse engineering team? And what the HELL is C+? I’ve been a developer for over 10 years and I know C++ inside and out, but, C+? God help this fool…


I did see this site by I thort it looked abit iffy. Was right :slight_smile: \VH//// :slight_smile:


First of all he’s from the UK, homeland of scams… So to that bloody tosser I hope you trip your bloody bollocks down some flight of stairs and lose all of your scamming money you f****ing wanker. And to the MORONS who send money to something that was otherwise free, you are just as bad as the scammer you bloody arse bandits… :frowning: Ouch! My virgin ears - foul language modified
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Just a heads-up… The DVDHelp.us page (below) is not affiliated in any way with those scams, nor is there any request for donations, etc. The page is just there as a convenience to the DVD ripping community. http://www.dvdhelp.us/dvddecrypter Jake – Webmaster www.DVDHelp.us


Get a rope!!!


[B][I]Registering with LIGHTNING_UK!! username isn’t that smart. Smart would be removing that website for a start. [/B][/I]
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Don’t you mean Nigeria? :B