DVD Decrypter is dead!




I love that tool!
For me, it was the best ripper out of all…I used it since 2 years…

ATM, I don’t know what to use if the copyprotections are becoming better…

[Whilst all will agree that this is sad news indeed, please do not request that LIGHTNING_UK release the source code. No doubt, as a requirement of his settlement he has been required, amongst other things, to deliver up all copies of the source code, undertake not to disclose the source code to anyone for any reason whatsoever and undertake not to assist anyone to develop any similar program. Given that LIGHTNING_UK provided the program as freeware, those who used and liked/loved it should just thank him for his past efforts and leave it at that. … philamber]


If only it had been made open-source.


Sad, sad day… :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:



Me, too!
:sad: :sad: :sad:
Maybe it would be good moving to Antigua!


oh my god that is just TOO bad. I recently donated a few bucks to have CDRs supported maybe one time und now he has to shut down everything :frowning:

All my image burns were made using DVDDecrypter so that is really really sad. Maybe LightningUK can write a burning app just without the DeCSS Part? Then we would at least have support for burning stuff.

That reminds me of the recent Plextor activities, those companies only know $$$ nothing else. :frowning:

Thanks for all LightningUK I hope we will see some other nice burning apps - i would donate some bucks again :slight_smile:


That really sucks.:sad:


My guess is, that SOme compaNY really got upset about the De-Arccos part. If someone breaks their protection it does cost them money. Who is going to license a protection which can easily be circumvented?


this sucks @ss!

is there even an alternative to DVD Decrypter ?
I haven’t used CloneDVD2 to rip, is it as reliable?


I thought the same!


I agree it sucks ass!


like all , i am deeply saddened
regarding it being open source, you have to ask yourself if you was the author, would you want it open source or not. especially if it had been a long term project to/for you .
as for who it is behind it all, perSONYly i think we will have to wait and see, i daresay theres a lot more to this than we know.
im sure LUK knows he has our support though, and he can ask us for any help he thinks we could offer .


Well said Olli. I didn’t even konw De-Arccos is implemented within DVD Decrypter, thought only Macrovision and CSS is there.

But are they really that dumb to think they gonna make more money now that DVDDecrypter isn’t continued?


Oh lawdy, lawdy, will shrink be next!?!???!


I hope not :a


Yeah… I’ve always wished there was a Linux version. :smiley:

I hope nothing bad happens to Lightning UK.


Thx For The Awesome Program !


I don’t know if Lightning catches flak for this, but…
Still working link to last (ever) version here:



Damn…that really sucks.


Good luck for the future LIGHTNING UK. Your program was worth all the sterling(over £50) that i donated.

RIP DVD Decrypter. :frowning: :frowning:

Looks like i’ll be using my registered ANYDVD a lot more.


how do you go about making something opensource… now that it got shut down… maybe something might “leak” onto the internet to make that possible? could they shut it down if it was open source?