DVD Decrypter info and where to find?



Ok. I wanna FIND DVD Decrypter and dowload it to my desk top, I found one on the site but my computer told me it is not a verified publisher, So I passed on it, Can someone tell or link me to a safe DVD decrypter site that I can download from…

Also can someone tell me how it works briefly?? what I do and how easy is it to use and how it works??





oh yeh, and I just use it to rip full iso’s atm… depends what you want it for :stuck_out_tongue:

Put a DVD in your DVD drive and start up DVD Decrypter. Under “Mode” select “ISO > Read”

Under “Destination” select where you want to put the ISO, and then click the big decrypt button. :slight_smile:


This site will also tell you all you want to ever know.



I Installed DVD Decrypter, put a DVD in, it did it’s thing, when done I used dvdshrink to encode and burn it and am watching it now and fingers crossed and god willing, I did it right…

Matt BTW Thanks for ALL the help