Dvd Decrypter I/O problem

Hi I’m a first time poster here, any help would be appreciated.
First of all, I’ll describe the method I use which has worked for about a year .
I use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. I download movies / tv programs burn them onto discs ( for my own personal collection ). Once I download whatever it is I want , i shrink the file , in turn , turning it to an iso file - ready to burn. I use dvd-decrypter then to burn the file. It has always worked for me , for about a year of doing this.
All of a sudden on the last few films / tv programs I want to burn , I’ve been hit with the same error , just differenting in " sectors ". I’ve enclosed two screenshots of the I/O error. I’ve looked all around for someone with the same problem , there are similar except none the same , so I thought I’d make a post. The program is " Boy Meets World " btw.
Any help at all would be extremely appreciated.
Thanks Gav

Sorry we do not give help to people that do not own the copyrighted material they download. This thread is closed. :cop: