DVD Decrypter gone!



The buzz on the 1Click Copy forum today is the apparent demise of DVD Decrypter “due to some law that was changed back in October 2003, circumventing copy protection isn’t allowed”. :cop: . DVD Decrypter was like 321 Studios DVD X Copy because the decrypter was part of the rip/burn program. The worry is that the same fate will befall AnyDVD and DVD43 even though they are “stand alone” programs. Anyone got any knowledge of this? :a :eek:



i been wondering what up with the dvd decrypter web page coz i havnt been able to get to it in the last few days luckley for me i downloaded the latest copy just before the page went down


Regarding AnyDVD: If you think about why SlySoft (makers of AnyDVD) are located in Antigua, you can probably answer this question yourself. It is perfectly legal to develop and sell such tools there.


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More information:
This is the post from the arthor/creator of DVD Decrypter on this subject thats posted at http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11914

Hello world,

I"ve got some good news and some bad news.Let’s start with the good… (tumble weed passes by)Ok, and now onto the bad: DVD Decrypter is the last version you"ll ever see.We hoped this day would never come, but it has, and I can promise you, nobody is more gutted about it than I am.

What started as a bit of fun, putting a GUI around some existing code, turned into something that I can only describe as ‘part of me’ – yes, I know that’s sad :wink: As I"ve recently been made aware (by a letter, hand delivered to my door, last Tuesday), due to some law that was changed back in October 2003, circumventing copy protection isn"t allowed.

Ok so it has taken a while (almost 2 years), but eventually “a certain company” has decided they don"t like what I"m doing (circumventing their protection) and have come at me like a pack of wolves. I"ve no choice but to cease everything to do with DVD Decrypter.I realise this is going to be one of those “that sucks - fight them!” kinda things, but at the end of the day, it"s my life and I"m not about to throw it all away (before it has even really started) attempting to fight a battle I can"t possibly win.

If 321 Studios can"t do it with millions, what chance do I have with £50?! As I"m sure most of you have already noticed, the site has been down for a few days. That surprised me as much as the next person (slight breakdown in communication), or I would have issued this statement on it directly.

So anyway, from this point forward, I"m no longer permitted to provide any sort of assistance with anything that helps people infringe the rights of “a certain company”.That means, no more emails, no more forum posts, no PM"s, no nothing! END OF STORY.The domain name will be transferred over to the company by the end of the week (9th June, according to the undertakings I have to sign) so don"t email it thinking “Oh, I"ll just ask LIGHTNING UK! for support on this”. You"ll not be getting the intended recipient and could be landing yourself in sh1t!

With being the last version, it makes sense for everyone to disable the “check for new versions” feature, as obviously there won"t be any. Of course what I really mean is that you should all stop using the program out of respect for the company’s rights.

Anyone hosting DVD Decrypter is advised to cease doing so immediately. I"ve the feeling they won"t stop with just me. I"m having to contact anyone I know of that is (at the very least, the “mirror” sites), and tell them to stop. Copies of those emails must also be sent to the solicitors so they can check I"m doing everything I"m supposed to. If I don’t, I die.

It is of course down to the owners of those sites to react how they want to. It"s not my job to force you to do anything you don"t want to, I"m just giving you some friendly advice. Maybe it"s just me, but I see this as a bit of an “end of an era”. I realise there are other tools, but there"s no telling how much longer they"ll last, and not only that, mine was the oldest! I"ve met loads of great people over the years and I want to take this opportunity to wish them every success for the future - yes DDBT peeps, that includes you lot! : "(I hope you"ve all enjoyed my contribution to the DVD scene and maybe I"ll see ya around sometime.

(Author of the once “Ultimate DVD Ripper”, DVD Decrypter)


http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=139073 :slight_smile:



Maybe Lightning UK will move to Antigua.


he has good chances to work by slysoft


a sad day when a small hand-full of ppl can control the world.




Hopefully Slysoft or some smart software company will hire him. To develop code from scratch is big. Even when I programmed, I never did anything more than basic stuff compared to that.

The worst is that the step-all-over-someone attitude ‘just because you can’ is supremely irritating. That’s not to mention all the creativity said action erases–not to mention potential competition! All in the name of money…and just so one company can get rid of one person’s contribution. Very sad indeed. Of course, it makes me wonder which company it is shutting him down so I could be sure to never buy a thing from that company in my lifetime…and maybe even organize a boycott! The sure thing is when any place is that cutthroat, they’ll never stand behind their product–much less ever be reputable. :Z :Z :Z


I will not buy any big “S” products again. Only a small protest, but if we all did it…


I agree but I’ll make you a bet very few of the members willl follow!!! :eek:


Yeah first 321 Studios, now DVD Decrypter, but that’s good news that it won’t attack AnyDVD


Sorry to hear the bad news, although I didn’t use it much it was a good product and LIGHTNING UK can be very proud of his hard work.

I would most certainly assume that AnyDVD’s sales will be increasing since they are always on the cutting edge of changing technology.


Man I hated that he got de-bunked by SOme compaNY – take that as you will my caps lock mysteriously kept hanging on me… lol. Unfortunately I relied pretty heavily on the forums there and now I’m out in the dark with a new problem reguarding a particular dvd (Seed of Chucky). Does anyone know if there know of any boards to troubleshoot his stuff? Another unfortunate event is that I was “raised” on his software and it’s the only way I know how to backup anything… lol. Any help for a sad, confused, devoted worshipper of Lightning would be appreciated.


For the record, it’s come out that it was macrovision that shut him down. It was widely speculated anyway as they were the j@ck@$$e$ that shut down 321 Studios. I guess they were sick of DVDD breaking their crappy protections so quickly. HAHAHAHAH!


I found this free Ripper yesterday :cool:

cladDVD.NET v3.5.7 - dvd ripper, needed to decrypt and copy dvd files. [Released: 7th June 2005]



Macrovision sucks. Thank goodness I can disable it in my DVD player so it can upscale the movie.


i could not click on Crabbyappleton’s link, what did it say?