DVD Decrypter - Gone, Forever!

I just posted the article DVD Decrypter - Gone, Forever!.

This isn’t a good start into this new week,LIGHTNING UK! used our news submit to let us know the following really bad news…

         Hello world,
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10395-DVD-Decrypter---Gone-Forever.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10395-DVD-Decrypter---Gone-Forever.html)

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this is a grave day indeed. I’d like to thank Lightning UK for their development of DVDDecrypter- I’ve used it since the early days and it’s been invaluable. now- what other programs can we use?
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A sad day for everyone. :c He should have leaked the sourcecode. Once unleashed, development probably could not have been stopped. :d Let’s soon check who this company was. Time for a further boycott I think!

this is a great program and i wish to thank the author for the yearsi have had it i hope someone can continue with something similar

Wow, I did not see this coming, a very sad day indeed. DVD Decrypter was the best and easiest DVD ripper ever. I wish you all the best LIGHTNING UK! Ps. moving the software to the beautiful island of Antigua (;)) wasn’t an option?

Hey I think we (users) should be the ones helping LIGHTNING restarting this story somewhere else!!! I don’t see my computer without dvd decrypter!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! Release the full sources, I know it’s not the thing you had in mind but at least it will allow others in countries with different lows pick up where you left … PLEASE …

Darn! Now I’m really sad…

Damn…I always thought DVD Decrypter was open source.

:r:r:r :c That’s a really bad start of a day… DVDDecrypter was one of the best things I put on my computer… Sorry to hear about that, but I understand you, LIGHTNING UK… Hope, the community finds a solution for this… Thanks again for your patience, time and knowledge!

very sad news… guess that behind the decision there is Sony with their Arccos scheme. Now there is only Anydvd that is good enough…

This is very, very sad! This scenario just shows how big companies can destroy the human creativity and cooperativism. I, sincerily wish all sort of good things to you, LIGHTNING UK.Thanks for your amazing soft and for shared your work with us.:wink:

I sent that guy money, super program - I’ve used it 700 plus times to test my DVD drive and it worked well. I hope the next guy who makes a program like this does not feel the need to have a home base webpage where he can be found and killed. Without programs like this we are all stuck in the real DRM enabled world.

How about releasing a “ripperless” version? If you let the GUI interact with a command prompt version of DeCSS (or similar), it’s down to the individual whether thay want to use it or not…

How about letting the source code out or passing it on to another developer, it seems a shame to let a great project and community die

Gulp, am I allowed to swear big time? Such a shame, freedom is only allowed to those with the money to afford it. Wish there was something we all could do. Many Many thanks Lightning UK.

Hehehe! Will be funny, katastrofe, but i think more effective if the source code goes spread to the community… We’ll got lots of variations of the program. That will be a REAL “sharks” nightmare! :d

He probably knows that this could get him into trouble, he would have had to anticipate the receipt of that letter and would have had to leak the source code just 10 minutes before. However, we know now that anyone who wants to restart from scratch must not offer support, and especially not a website. The way to distribute it must be made difficult to identify individuals

That really blows!!! As far as what other tools, has anybody keep up with smart ripper? It used to be good a while back?

make it opensource thats the only way :stuck_out_tongue: dvddecrypter is the best !! i wish u the best Lightning UK