DVD decrypter failing me often now?

Hey guys,

I think there must be a new line of protection out there that dvddecrypter can’t handle. I know it’s not my burner or comp because DVDFAB decrypter demo works (unfortunately I wan’t to rip as ISO’s which doesn’t work in the demo).

What’s the next best program (that’s free)?

Also, which is the most popular SL dvd burning program in the forums these days. I use IMGBURN for my ISO’s and DL+ burning but for my single layer burns I need a good program (I used to use clonedvd- it wasn’t great).


DVDD hasn’t been updated in about a year and can’t handle the newer protections. I use AnyDVD/CloneDVD combo and it works well. Use AnyDVD for the protection and DVDD to rip to the HD (set I/O to elby and turn off structual protection - this lets you rip with DVDD to files, iso, etc. and it will hammer away, if needed to handle a scratched disc)

I use CloneDVD or Recode, but DVDshrink (free but no longer updated either) works if you use AnyDVD to remove the protection on the newer discs.

When I rip a DVD it playes great on my computer but when I move it to another DVD player it is horrible. I am using TDK DVDs maybe that is the problem…but it might be my player. I use DVD Shrink to rip the DVDs and it seems to work fine. I have a Samsung HT-TQ85 that supports:
MPEG Video
JPEG Support
Photo files

I have no problem taking mpeg video and putting it on a DVD and getting great playback. It is only when I rip a dvd movie onto a DVD-R or DVD+R that the playback is very choppy and skips constantly.


DVDFab (now HD) Decrypter is free for ripping the whole DVD to HD, ready for shrinking (and is still being updated): http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

ImgBurn can build an ISO from your DVD files for subsequent burning.

First, I use only Verbatim media (especially my +DL discs)…

Second, I know what IMGBURN is used for, I use it all the time…

Thirdly, it sounds like CloneDVD and AnyDVD are still be best around for compressing down to fit onto SL media?

DVDfab doesn’t rip things down into ISO files- I’m looking for a ripper that’ll do both (or a free one at will at least do ISO rips for IMGBURN to use).


Since youre used to dvd decrypter, youd be interested in ripit4me, which works with DvdD. Its Free and and gotten here:
Ripit4me is no longer being updated, but as of now, it works for all movies, except for some recent titles released in Germany

i think clonedvd and anydvd are hands down the easiest combination, but they’re obviously not free.

you can do it with free software, but it’s going to be a little more work.

also, you can get just anydvd and use it with dvd shrink if you want to go “half free.” and then burn with ImgBurn.

there are a lot of options. you sound comfortable with most of the available programs and familiar with their capabilities. if you’re willing to spend money slysoft’s support for anydvd and clonedvd can’t be matched, and it’s nice to have something that has a responsive support team behind it that will crank out updates within a couple hours of being notified of a new protection or a bug.

if you’d rather not spend money, that’s ok too. dvd fab decrypter to rip to files. load those files in dvd shrink. shrink to ISO. burn with Imgburn. This is a 3 step process, but it’s free so I don’t thnk there’s any room to complain about the extra work really :slight_smile: (this is the route I’d go if I was going all free. personally i use the slysoft combo listed above)

Thank you VERY much reasonsnotrules…