DVD decrypter error?

In laymans terms what does “unable to disable media change notification.
Reason: The parameter is incorrect.”…This error mean? :frowning:

Don’t precisely know what it means but it’s likely a driver issue somewhere and not necessarily to do with a burner.

When I had this problem it was because I was using the wrong driver with my SATA PCI card. Loading the correct driver resolved the problem. I had let Windows Update download the latest driver, which didn’t actually match the BIOS version I had installed on the PCI card.

This error , and my solution , are on the ImgBurn forum (being that ImgBurn is a development of DVD Decrypter).

I don’t have a SATA PCI card installed, but you are probably right about it being a driver issue. I can open DVD Decrypter on another computer and don’t get the error. So now I have to try and find out which driver is causing the problem :confused:
Thanks for the reply!

Check the settings under the device tab and make sure that you have Disable Media Change Notification checked.

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It is checked. Why then is the error "unable to disable change notification"
Also, in Mode what should I have a check mark next to IFO I File F or ISO read or write?

Thanks for the help :bow:

The mode defines what you’re doing.

ISO Read copies a full DVD to an ISO image, ISO Write writes an image to DVD. IFO mode allows you to select various components of the DVD & finally File mode copies either the full DVD or the main title to the HDD.